Rites of Passage

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475 Wastes of Kruz (Scrublands) (8,9) Fang of Aor Tonrar



  1. Kill 30 Hemovore Blood Shamans
  2. Return to Start
  3. Obtain Gore Pouch (you have to be level 476 to be able to go to Wastes of Kruz (Barrans) where the Blood Ticks only spawn - they drop the Gore Pouch)
  4. Return to Start
  5. Go to Wastes of Kruz (Ice Fields) (5,11)
  6. Kill 40 Caprabeast
  7. Obtain Hemovore Head
  8. Return to Wastes of Kruz (Ice Fields) (5,11)
  9. Go to Wastes of Kruz (Basin) (5,2)
  10. Kill 25 Atshens
  11. Return to Wastes of Kruz (Basin) (5,2)
  12. Go to Wastes of Kruz (Edge) (9,17)
  13. Obtain Brand of Vorkrik
  14. Return to Wastes of Kruz (Edge) (9,17)
  15. Go to Wastes of Kruz (Crevasse) (11,11)
  16. Go to Wastes of Kruz (Crevasse) (2,5)
  17. Obtain Attunement Gem
  18. Return to Wastes of Kruz (Crevasse) (2,5)
  19. Kill 1 Qana the Dark Wyvern (Elite)
  20. Return to Wastes of Kruz (Crevasse) (2,5)


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At the very center of the Scrublands you find a strange pillar with an old Hemovore meditating next to it. This seems out of place with what you know of these brutal people, so you decide to talk to him.

The Hemovore wakes from his meditations, 'You have chosen badly Warrior, you are not of the Blood and therefore I must now deal retribution for befouling our lands.' The Old Hemovore starts to rise, you watch him stand and fumble for his dagger. As he eventually draws it you recognize it, and on an impulse draw your dagger. The Hemovore looks down at the Fang of Aor Tonar in your hand in utter disbelief. 'You bear the Fang! You must of the Blood. I have misjudged you Warrior. But I must know if you are truly open to instruction. Slay 30 Hemovore Blood Shamen, and you shall receive further wisdom.'

You return to the pillar to find the Old Hemovore, \'Have you defeated 30 Hemovore Blood Shaman?\'

He sighs deeply at the news, 'It sounds strange to you that I ask you to end the life of my own kin? It does to my ears as well. I see myself and the Tribe as if they are strangers. The young Priests have taken to ignoring some of the Written Annals in favor for the more potent texts. Unfortunately the Fury Texts do not tell the whole tale of Aor Tonar. But the Codex of Duty has been lost to the Priesthood, so the new Priesthood has an incomplete revelation. But that has nothing to do with your instruction. You have shown that you can be instructed and are not deceived by the Priests. You must learn that Power is held within the body. To demonstrate this go and retrieve a Gore Pouch from the Blood Tick found in the Barrens. Return to me when you have succeeded.'

The Old Hevovore waits for you at the pillar, \'Have you ripped the Gore Pouch from the Blood Tick?\'

He takes the Gore Pouch, 'Ahhh, good. You saw the Blood Tick? It is fat and crawls on it's belly – yes? It is most unimpressive and vaguely ugly, this is a lesson of Aor Tonrar. Do not judge an enemy by it's looks, but by it's Spirit. The Spirit is the fuel for existence which flows through the Blood. Blood is the very river for the Spirit and so the power of that being. To take the Blood you will take some of that beings power. This is the essence for the Fury text, to feast on Blood one can become powerful. But there is more, which I will tell. But you will have to meet me in the Ice Fields to follow the path of wisdom.'

It surprises you to find ice stretching as far as you can see. You eventually find the Old Hemovore standing resolutely against the cold. \'It is good to see you. I was afraid that you would forgo the Blood, but you have rewarded my patience. Will you accept further instruction?\'

The Old Hemovore sweeps has hand in a wide arc, 'This is a crucible to test our people. Aor Tonar has set the Ice Fields here and allowed the Carpabeast to settle so that we never grow complacent. The Carpa Tribe are our eternal enemies, they feed off the weak. It is our sacred Duty to fight the Carpa and keep the Hemovore keen and ready for battle. But the Priests have forgone the old text and allow the Carpa Tribe to flourish. They have now grown confident, and have started attacking our villages at night taking our young and make foul trophies of our braves. This has to stop, kill 40 Carpabeast and re-take a Hemovore Head as a warning to the Carpa-Tribe. '

The wind has pickup up shards of ice, a hail of pain rains done on you as you return to the Old Hemovore. \'The Ice Fields are as pleasant as always I see, but apart from that – have you killed 40 Carpabeasts and taken a Hemovore Head?\'

He takes the Hevmovore Head from you, 'It grieves my heart to see a Brave fall to our peoples enemy like this. They should have been stronger to face these hardships. But our tribes are lead by the Priests, they just see power as all important, rather than simple necessity of steeling the tribe for such tests. This is the teaching of the Codex of Duty which is lost to us. It stated that our young are our future, and we but constantly test ourselves to be worthy to protect them and so ourselves. The next step in your instruction will be in the Basin. I shall meet you there.'

The air is warm after the freezing bite of the Ice Fields, the Old Hemovore greets you as you arrive. \'Are you ready for the next step in your instruction?\'

He smiles, 'Knowledge is the way to the path of Blood. Duty keeps us from our own base desires and ensures balance to the Tribe. When we ignore Duty, the Fury consumes our people. This shall be illustrated to you now. To prove that Knowledge can destroy Strength, defeat 25 Atshen, return to me when you have succeeded.'

You return to find the Old Hemovore meditating, he snaps out of the trance as you draw near. \'Ah - there you are Warrior, have you killed 25 Atshen?\'

He looks to the sky, 'I don't understand how Aor Tonar will give his blessing to those who only seek destruction to others. If you walk too far down that path you bring the same destruction upon your self. The Blood becomes tainted by the Evil one commits and eventually poisons the body. You become the monster in flesh as you are in Spirit. The Atsen you have slain were once Hemovores like myself. But they have fallen to the Fury and it's consumed them. Their destruction was a mercy, it will also speak to others of our Tribe that being so corrupted will not be tolerated. The Codex of Duty commands that all Atsen are to be hunted and killed like the beasts they are. But the Codex of Duty is lost to us. We must travel now to the very Edge of our land for your last step in wisdom. I shall meet you there.'

The Old Hemovore stands patiently waiting for you, \'It has been a long time since I\'ve had an apprentice. None of the young Braves are willing to listen to me. They want quick easy power. I am honored that you follow my wisdom Warrior. Are you ready for another step along that path?\'

The Blood Ancestors are multiplying at a horrendous rate. They are channeled by their Fury to the twisted spirits. But these spirits are evil beyond what I remember as a child. Find out what is troubling the restless dead.'

Your return to the Old Hemovore, \'Have you found out something why the Blood Ancestors are so angry?

You explain that you cut this brand off the Blood Ancestors wrecked body. The Old Hemovore takes the Brand and looks at it. 'This is a mark of the Carpabeasts god Vorkrik! Why is it burned into the followers of the Blood? There is only one way to find out, we must enter their lands, maybe the answer is there. Come - we must journey to the Crevasse which is just off the Ice Fields, we must not dawdle.'

High walls tower over you, your footsteps echo as you walk the narrow corridors of Ice. The Old Hemovore looks around fascinated, \'This is an amazing place, I would never have thought that the ice would be shaped like this. But sight seeing is not why we are here, would you help me again Warrior?\'

He smiles at your eagerness, 'Your thirst for the Blood is admirable. Do not let that hunger lead you to destruction. Our people can choose to stay on the material plane after death. But they are generally driven mad by the separation from the afterlife. Only the most vengeful of our people chose such a path. But the huge numbers of the Blood Ancestors tells me that something is wrong. Anyway – this is not important right now, they are just the ramblings of an Old Hemovore. Can you please find out why our Blood Ancestors have the Brand of Vorkrik, I feel that the answer is here somewhere.'

As you wander in search for clue to why the Blood Ancestors have a mark of their enemies god on them, you come across a strange glowing crystal column. Around the base of the column you clearly see a magical rune of power.

You touch the surface of the glowing Column with you hand. As you do this you suddenly see a silver shadow move within the depths of the crystal. You could swear that you can hear a distant voice. But you just can't hear what the voice is saying. Then as clear as a bell you hear two words “Attunement Gem”. Instinctively you know it's a magical device.

Before you is a strange Glowing Column, at it\'s base is a magical rune of power. Within the depths of the crystal you see a faint silver shadow. You have an unerring sense that you need something called an Attunement Gem.

As soon as Attunement Gem touches the Glowing Crystal your vision blurs and within your mind you see a silver form. 'I see that you are being instructed in the Path of Blood. You are being taught well. Duty lays upon you and this will serve you well. I am Aor Tonar, I've been imprisoned in here for too long. My people are descending into madness through dire mis-instruction. A pact has been struck between the Blood Priest and Vorkrik. Vorkrick promised longer life to the Priest, this is against the natural order and the Blood. I do not approve. The power rune is what is keeping me here, it is held there by the will of Qana the Dark Wyvern (Elite). Vorkrik has possessed the creature so he can manifest within this realm. Slay the abomination to shatter the rune and free me. Qana may be found in the Cathedral of Ice. Return to me if you succeed.'

You return to the Glowing Column, the Silver form within swirls impatiently. \'Have you removed Vorkrick from this realm by killing his vessel Qana the Dark Wyvern (Elite)?\'

Aor Tonar tentatively touches the sides of the Glowing Column, dark energies arc within the crystal drenching Aor Tonar. In fury Aor Tonar hammers against his prison and the rune of power fades momentarily then shatters. Aor Tonar shimmers - then appears in front of you. 'You have done me and my people a great favor Warrior. Who has taught you in the ways of Blood?' You turn to see the Old Hemovore staring at the silver shadow in both fear and awe. Aor Tonar reaches forward and touches the Old Hemovore on the forehead, 'You shall be my High Priest, you shall lead the Tribe with honor. Your first decree is to rid our land of the Blood Ancestors, they were forced into their destiny by the Fury of their life. They must not be allowed to live. They are unknowing servants of Vorkrick. Then I shall re-tell the Codex of Duty - so the true nature of Blood may be taught. The Hemovore are brothers of each other and the land. Not monsters of fury. As for you Warrior, take this “Amulet of the Blood” for your dedication. You have done well. You receive 2,276,212 xp + 1 x Amulet of the Blood.