Demonaut Demolition

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918 Elriak Depths (Lower Chamber) (6, 6) Metal Corroding Solution Equipped to Kill Elite.



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 50 Riangi Executioners
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Inferno Abyss (Chasm) (2, 12)
  5. Kill 50 The Changed of Riangi
  6. Return to Inferno Abyss (Chasm) (2, 12)
  7. Go to Inferno Abyss (Plateau) (2, 7)
  8. Kill 100 Riangi Iron Demonauts
  9. Return to Inferno Abyss (Plateau) (2, 7)
  10. Kill 1 Zanadorn Unzul (Elite) in Inferno Abyss (Fissure)
  11. Return to Inferno Abyss (Plateau) (2, 7)


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You work your way deeper into the Lower Chamber. It is dark and oppressive. You finally find the Warrior of Helmirr that you expected. What you did not expect was the sizable force with him.

'Ah! I take it you are the Warrior who helped free our enslaved people! Well met! I understand you were given the Recipe for a Metal Corroding Solution. We are here to help you get to your target. This area is well defended all the way to the Demonauts. We will aid you in purging the upcoming Realms.

'I believe we should thin the numbers of our foes as we forge on to the Demonaut construction areas. Do you agree?'

'Excellent! We should all range out and kill as many Riangi Executioners as we can. Meet back here when you have killed as many as you can.'

You regroup with the War Party from Helmar. Their Leader turns to you. 'You return my friend! How was the hunting?'

'Excellent! Our purge was successful too, though not one of us managed a total like that without aid! You are a fearsome Warrior! Come! We should press on. Please meet us at the Inferno Abyss (Chasm)'

You meet up with the Helmirr Warparty.

The Party Leader turns to you. 'Ah, you have arrived, excellent! Let us discuss the next purge. I believe we should target and eliminate the Riangi called the Changed.'

'Have you defeated The Changed of Riangi?'

'As have we. This area is now clear. I believe we should move to the next Realm. My scouts inform me that Riangi Iron Demonauts are there. We have the compound, we can destroy them. Meet us in the Inferno Abyss (Plateau) after you have destroyed as many Demonauts as you can.'

Exhausted, you meet up with the Warparty and their Leader. He turns to you. 'You look as beat up as us. We've eliminated as many of the Demonauts as we can. How did you do?'

The Leader goggles at you. '100?!? By yourself? Truly your are formidable, my friend! The Demonauts are no longer a threat and the Riangi will not be able to replace them any time soon. We owe you a huge debt and I am sorry to ask one more favor of you.'

'One of my Scouts has returned. The rest were apparently killed by our final target. Zanadorn Unzul (Elite) is in the Inferno Abyss (Fissure). He is protected In a similar fashion to the Demonauts but it is stronger. You will have to use the Metal Corroding Solution to have any hope of defeating him!'

The Warparty Leader looks up as you return. 'You still live! I did not doubt you would survive! Unzul is dead?'

'You have done us a great service my friend! I cannot thank you enough! The bards of Helmirr will sing of your victories on our behalf! I cannot offer much beyond my thanks and this spare piece of armor. We shall return to the city now and spread the word that the Riangi will never bother us again! Fare thee well, my Friend!'

You gain 'Helmirr City Guard Armor' and '6,341,103 XP'.