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Introduction to Defense

The Defense Setup becomes popular as a player nears the first ever defense set: the Leikmar Set. This set, available at Level 110 by hunting the Azlorie Forgzah Demon (Elite) and Bastet Lion (Elite). The Leikmar Set features a high level of defense and moderate levels of attack and damage.


The Defense Setup has one main purpose: to defend the player against enemy attacks. The reason behind the need to prevent these attacks can vary: holding a lot of gold, defending a relic, etc. However, Defense is only effective in large numbers, because your Defense must be higher than your opponents' Attack in order to have a 98% chance of surviving the battle, excluding all other factors.


Using a Defense Setup has its strengths:


Constitution raises your Defense by 10% at Level 100. If a player has the Leikmar Set on, it averages to be about 1100 Defense. With Level 100 Constitution, this leaves the player at 1210 Defense, making the player even more invulnerable to most of the population.


This will raise Weapon and Armor stats, which will heighten a player's Defense.

First Strike

This Enhancement, currently only available through items in the Level 300's and through a Guild Structure called Preemptive Temple, can force your attacker to forfeit their first attack turn.


A Defense Setup has three main weaknesses:

  • Dark Curse
  • Possible extremely low levels of Attack
  • Higher Attack from Higher Level Players

Dark Curse

Dark Curse, as you may know, decreases the Defense of the opponent by 20% at Level 100. If a player has the Leikmar Set on, it averages to be about 1100 Defense. With Level 100 Dark Curse, this leaves the player at 880 Defense. At this point, it is very possible to have more than 880 Attack, just by using the Deep Set and pairing it up with high attack items.

Low Levels of Attack

If a player goes into an All Defense Setup, this may leave a player with extremely low levels of Attack. With a low attack (i.e. <200), it is almost impossible to retaliate against the opponent if the opponent has more Defense than the player. An amount of >200 Defense isn't hard to obtain, even when bounty hunting.

Higher Level Players

A player is vulnerable to a higher level player's attacks, simply because they have the capability of obtaining more attack. A player with a higher level than you may find you on the bounty board, and take up that bounty even if you have your Defense Setup on, simply because they can.