Death's Head Bone Golem (Legendary)

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Ambox_content.png This is a Legendary Creature
Legendary creatures are only available for hunting during Legendary Events. During a Legendary Event, the available creatures and the areas/caves they currently inhabit are posted on the home page.
This creature is not normally available.

Notice This is a special creature that is found only in the scavenging caves.


The Death's Head Bone Golem is another of the early creations of the mad Doctor Morbidstein. The Golem is covered in dark runes of protection and is said to be powered by a heart formed from pure necromantic magic that fuels the golem with great power. Many believe the Golem is simply a terror creation, animated and sent off to cause as much random havoc as it can!


Name: Death's Head Bone Golem (Legendary)
Class: Golem
Rarity: Legendary
Level: 450


Attack: 2,896 3,056
Defense: 990 1,124
Armor: 1,213 1,413
Damage: 4,505 4,699
HP: 9,607 10,293


Piercing Strike: 50 75
Reinforced Armor: 50 75
Critical Hit: 50 75
First Strike: 30 50


Deaths Head Bone Shield
Deaths Head Signet Ring

Scavenging Info

Cave: Both
Price: 21,000 gold_button.gif

Hunting Information

  Attack Defense Armor 1 Hit Dam. 2 Hit Dam. 3 Hit Dam. 4 Hit Dam. 5 Hit Dam. 6 Hit Dam.
Stats to Beat: 1,124 3,056 4,699 11,706 6,560 4,844 3,987 3,472 3,129
Target Stats: 1,243 3,378 5,194 12,865 7,177 5,281 4,333 3,764 3,385