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Age: 14
Country: Amadora, Portugal
Sex: Male
Joined: 14 of Mar of 2008
Name: Crusader77
Guild: Firewalkers
Guild Title: Fire Warrior
Allies: fgrv, HadesDream
Enemies: Crusader77(I'm mine own worst enemie)
Medals: 8_1.gif 5_3.gif
Auction House: [1]
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Crusader77 is a battlemage extremly skilled in lightning control and releash magic and sword fighting.

He came from the Elya Plains, and little more is known about his past.

He's weapon is a 500 year old katana that was used by his father, his grandfather and so on.

The sword is called Current Katana, Crusader can releash lightning to the sword making it a powerfull.

He's lightning based spell can be used for both attack (like making lightining stike his opponent), defence (like releashing lightning from all over his body shocking all enemies close to him for some seconds) and support (like releashing lightning to his current katana making damage greater and also stunning his opponent for a second).


Crusader's objective is unknown, all he does is hunt and kill creatures, get stesl from them and buy better equipment to kill bigger creatures.


It is known that Crusader is decendent of the Sharkhan Family. Their are known has the best on elemental magic.


When not hunting Crusader77 is usually on the market of the realm he was hunting. While there he sells buffs and buff packs.


All are lvl 140

  • Gold Magnet:15k
  • Swift Learner:10k
  • Book Fan:10k
  • Market Fan:10k
  • Empower Weapon:10k
  • Empower Armor:10k
  • Curse Caster:10k


  • GM=TH
  • SL=AL
  • BF=Lib
  • MF=Mer
  • EW=EW
  • EA=EA
  • CC=DC


  • Gold Pack(GM & MF):22.5k
  • Exp Pack(SL & BF): 18k
  • War Pack(EW, EA & CC): 27k
  • Full Pack(all of them):65k

Buff Shop Instructions

  • PM me with the buff/pack you want
  • Wait for my reply with the price
  • Pay the gold for the buff/pack
  • Get buffed