Clash of Magics

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495 Ral Faun Camp (13,7) Renewal of Strength ?maybe?



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Ral Faun Camp (2,9)
  3. Return to Start
  4. Kill 15 Ral Faun (Champion)
  5. Obtain Faun Key from Ral Faun
  6. Return to Start


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Your footsteps are almost drawn to this place. You walk the forest as if in a dream. Eventually you find an old woman in chains. In her ancient hands rests a small glass orb with black smoke swirling in it\'s depths.

The old Woman's head snaps up from the orb, 'I don't believe it. You surprise even me Warrior. I think your a keeper.' At this the Sea Hag smiles. Its a truly un-nerving sight and you have to quell the impulse to run. 'I'm having a spot of bother with these Ral Fauns. They have a Fey Circle, it's made of Mushrooms. Utterly ridiculous if you ask me, but we all find power where we choose. Destroy the Fey Circle if you would be a dear. After you have finished come back to me, and we can have a little chat.'

Before you is a circle of mushrooms enveloped in blue mist.

Not trusting the blue mist, you stamp on the outer ring of the mushrooms. As you work your way round the edge the mist begins to fade. When the Circle is destroyed the mist vanishes. Lishka will want to know the Fey Circle is destroyed.

Lishka plays absently with her chains, \'Have you destroyed the Fey Circle?\' She askes sweetly.

The Ancient Sea Hag relaxes slightly, then lifts up her chains. 'I'm still restrained, can you get me the key. One of the Ral Fauns must have it. Also please kill 15 Ral Faun (Champions) because they are the ones who cruelly imprisoned me.'

The ancient Sea Hag plays grins up at you, \'Have you found the Faun Key and had vengeance on 15 Ral Faun (Champions)?\'

Lishka giggles softly and slowly stands to her feet. She mutters a few words and the chains glow red then melt from her wrists. She takes the key from you and attaches it to a chain round her neck. 'Thank you for your gift, which was freely given.' You look astonished at the now molten chains at Lishkas feet, 'Oh my dear, did you really think I needed the key to free myself. No no, I just needed the Fey Circle to be destroyed. The enchantment pouring out from it crushed my Hexes.' You begin to truly fear Lishka at this demonstration power. You ask why the Faun had to be slain. 'Oh – dead Faun are better than living ones. It's much tidier that way, they do clutter up the place you know.' She strokes the key absently, 'I do like you, you're so... pure. All strength and Honor. It's very refreshing. Reality will get you in the end, it cannot stand such good. But I think you will shine brightly whilst you live. I look forward to meeting you again Warrior. As payment for your service take this Dark Sea Ring.' You gain 1,027,028 + Dark Sea Ring