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Mysterious Portals are a method of quickly moving to another world area with a small cost of both stamina and gold. Every portal use costs 25 stamina but the gold cost varies depending on the portal and the minimum level of the destination realm.

The Varas Portal is the most commonly used since it is cheaper to use than any other portals. If you believe you are more than 64 moves from the nearest portal, it is better to use your Preferences to instant portal back to Krul Island and then take the portal in the Varas Dungeon. This has the additional benefit of not requiring the gold cost to portal back to Krul Island.


Portal Min. Level Area Location
Ways Portal 1 Cathedral of Ways (6,2)
Varas Dungeon Portal 5 Varas Dungeon (9,8)
Otha Portal 11 Otha Caves (Level 3) (2,2)
Krul Beach Portal 12 Krul Beach Forest (East) (8,15)
Dreg Swamp Portal 15 Dreg Swamp (2,22)
Paladir Forest Portal 20 Paladir Forest (West) (5,4)
Ramdal Portal 25 Ramdal Caves (Level 4) (5,7)
Hellions Lair Portal 34 Burning Abyss (Hellions Lair) (2,2)
Burning Abyss Portal 34 Burning Abyss (Level 3) (2,27)
The Eerie Moors Portal 37 The Eerie Moors (North) (20,5)
Moot Forest Portal 40 Moot Forest (South) (9,9)
Hallows End Portal 45 Hallows End (13,9)
Slayers Portal 55 Slayers Forest East (12,9)
Feldor Caves Portal 65 Feldor Caves (Level 2) (3,4)
Endlore Valley Portal 70 Endlore Valley (South) (12,12)
Gebores Portal 70 Gebores Divide (North) (3,16)
Motaur Forest Portal 70 Motaur Forests (East) (3,3)
Crypt of Carnage Portal 80 Crypt of Carnage (Level 1) (2,3)
Peak Portal 90 Swamp Mountains (Peak) (3,14)
Saneri Portal 105 Saneri Rocks (Peak) (10,6)
Kentlor Portal 113 Kentlor Caves (South) (2,3)
Ethereal Portal 121 Ethereal Graveyard (14,4)
Werzel Portal 129 Werzel Islands (East) (6,12)
Reigma Portal 134 Reigma Beach (North) (13,5)
Appela Portal 144 Appela Mountains (North) (3,4)
Grintz Portal 148 Grintz Forest (West) (15,12)
Khorl Portal 155 Khorl (North) (14,13)
Kral Portal 166 Kral (East) (3,7)
Gumbrel Portal 175 Gumbrel (South) (13,4)
Brale Portal 178 Naral (East) (15,12)
Pelsar Portal 188 Pelsar Canyon (East) (14,8)
Narkort Portal 204 Daradom (Caves) (10,11)
Maedos Portal 209 Maedos (West) (3,14)
Miyal Portal 221 Miyal (South) (11,11)
Falagi Portal 229 Falagi (West) (3,9)
Faroth Portal 242 Emyr (East) (3,13)
Alkmore Portal 258 Ghelmot (East) (11,11)
Surfron Portal 276 Surfron (South) (7,15)
Delmuir Portal 289 The Grothan Way (North) (12,10)
Erosi Portal 299 Erosi (North) (6,13)
Eosi Portal 307 Eosi (East) (12,10)
Aquia Portal 319 Aquia (North) (15,20)
Aeresi Portal 333 Aeresi (East) (14,11)
Dagoresh Portal 350 Domain of Dagoresh (12,2)
Underground Portal 357 Underground Passages (Outer) (15,4)
Burning Sands Portal 364 Burning Sands (West) (2,11)
Plateau Portal 380 Forgotten Plateau (Inner) (7,8)
Savaged Portal 383 Wasteland (East) (2,2)
Sewers Portal 395 Dar GromSol Sewers (13,2)
Floor Portal 405 Citadel of Xinderoth (Floor 5) (32,32)
Citdel Portal 412 Citadel of Xinderoth (Floor 12) (6,5)
Craggy Portal 426 Craggy Coastline (Middle) (6,7)
Stheno Portal 438 Stheno Lake (Edge) (2,16)
Kreth Portal 443 Caves of Kreth (Level 3) (9,3)
Hundra Portal 453 Hundra Village (2,14)
Thundersnow Portal 464 Thundersnow Valley (West) (11,2)
Kruz Portal 475 Wastes of Kruz (Scrublands) (6,3)
Ice Fields Portal 477 Wastes of Kruz (Ice Fields) (15,4)
Morbidstein Portal 489 Castle Morbidstein (Tower Gantry) (3,7)
Ral Portal 496 Forest of Ral (Ridge) (2,23)
Ralthien Portal 506 Ralthien (Northern Quarter) (2,2)
Teotal Portal 518 Teotal (Snarl) (2,2)
Portal of the Fae 528 The Secret Kingdom (Wild) (2,5)
Cursed Isle Portal 533 Cursed Isle of Darkwater (Upper Beach) (10,2)
The Pit of Light 545 Yanyi Woods (Edge) (8,8)
Gao Tain Lake 552 Gao Tain Lake (Outer) (13,2)
Hirosue Portal 566 Hirosue Caverns (Descent) (2,2)
Dragon Tooth Portal 574 Dragon Tooth Mountain (Heights) (7,9)
Ardal Portal 588 Celestial Temple (Outer) (6,12)
Corrupt Portal 596 Corrupt Islands (South) (8,9)
Felannar Portal 606 Felannar Dungeons (Outer) (5,7)
Scorchful Portal 615 Scorchful Depths (Level 2) (3,2)
Dokfarn Portal 628 Dokfarn Lake (Mouth) (15,8)
Hobba Portal 635 Hobba Marsh (Bog) (5,9)
Audinar Portal 646 Audinar Depths (Outer) (4,3)
Caliginous Portal 658 Caliginous Forests (Murk) (10,17)
Ecrulym Portal 667 Ecrulym Flats (Mesa) (17,4)
??? 677 Eltwier Fortress (Entrance) (7,5)
Mittamurk Portal 687 Mittamurk Sewers (Ingress) (16,2)
Torgais Portal 699 City of Torgais (Center) (15,17)
Ossrilan Portal 707 Ossrilan Labyrinth (Cistern) (2,2)
??? 718 Trojan Wastes (Slopes) (2,13)
Rhudal Portal 722 Rhudal Volcano (Ascent) (12,12)
??? 738 Nismildor Forest (Valley) (9,8)
??? 749 Nevrect Depths (Ridge) (10,8)
??? 755 Khiir Forest (Upland) (13,2)
??? 759 Ethigor City (Central) (10,7)
??? 769 Tregdor Kingdom (Square) (13,13)
??? 779 Muisru Kingdom (Cavern) (12,2)
??? 786 Osslandira Canyon (Ridge) (2,13)
The Lost Portal 794 The Lost Ascent (Forgotten Cavern) (10,8)
Dimcriee Portal 808 Dimcriee Swamps (Mire) (2,8)
Eldshaw Portal 813 Eldshaw Rocks (South) (12,2)
Ernyir Portal 824 Ernyir Tundra (Slopes) (10,6)
Goitha Portal 839 Town of Goitha (Pavilion) (9,9)
Gritloar Portal 848 Gritloar Burrows (Maze) (10,13)
Horrowal Portal 858 Horrowal Dungeon (Maze) (10,7)
Elghast Portal 869 City of Elghast (Walls) (10,4)
Pelgarir Portal 875 Pelgarir Valley (Thicket) (2,2)
Sapher Portal 883 Sapher Flow (Lower) (2,8)
Yuika Portal 892 Yuika Flats (Dunes) (12,7)
??? 908 Savaged Forest of Tull (Ridge) (13,13)
Elriak Portal 918 Elriak Depths (Lower Chamber) (2,2)
Fallen Portal 929 Fallen Isle (Ruins) (2,13)
Dead Dogs Portal 938 Dead Dogs Island (Town) (7,7)
The Gomji Pit 945 Xanlin Plain (Ironwood) (2,9)
Karthak Merchant Waygate 951 Karthak (Merchant Quarter) (5,7)
Volmar Portal 977 Mount Volmar (Broken Land) (2,2)
Hollow Portal 986 Mount Volmar (Hollow) (2,2)
Barrow Portal 998 Mount Volmar (Barrow) (9,2)
Galduir Portal 1005 Galduir Grove (North) (4,3)
Mehteh Portal 1035 Mehteh Snow Fields (Outskirts) (9,4)

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