Stompin Grounds

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Min Level: 381
Nearest Portal:

Travel Map

= Start
= World Area
= Area
= Portal
            Canyon Pass
Level: 372
  Canyon Depths
Level: 373
      Searing Wilds
Level: 371
  Broken Lands (South)
Level: 375
  Canyon Rise
Level: 374
Howler Den
Level: 379
        Broken Lands (West)
Level: 376
  Broken Lands (East)
Level: 377
      Forgotten Plateau (Outer)
Level: 379
        Broken Lands (North)
Level: 378
Forgotten Plateau (Inner)
Level: 380
  Wasteland (South)
Level: 381
  Wasteland (West)
Level: 382
  Wasteland (East)
Level: 383
      Stompin Grounds
Level: 381
  Clan Gate
Level: 385
  Wasteland (North)
Level: 384
Broken Fang
Level: 388
  Blood Eye
Level: 387
  Crushing Fist
Level: 386
Dark Blade
Level: 389
        Ug Grash Tower (North Ground)
Level: 390
  Ug Grash Tower (North Top)
Level: 390
Ug Grash Main
Level: 390
        Ug Grash Tower (East Ground)
Level: 390
  Ug Grash Tower (East Top)
Level: 390
            Ug Grash Tower (South Ground)
Level: 390
  Ug Grash Tower (South Top)
Level: 390
            Ug Grash Tower (West Ground)
Level: 390
  Ug Grash Tower (West Top)
Level: 390
            Halls of Ko Lash
Level: 390
Dar GromSol Desert
Level: 391
  Dar GromSol
Level: 391