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Name: bitchin
Joined: 01 Nov 2007
Guild: The Culling
Allies: Anteyra,celtic1148, krengaga, loupie, Mun6502, scorcher55, tober1, WolfDreams
medals: 8_1.gif Adventurer Bronze

1_1.gif Recruiting Bronze

A Carribean Warrior roaming the land of New Zealand. Dedicated to his guild.

Attack me & u will be BOUNTIED even u Bounty Hunters.

Allied with Minions of Hate & The Lords of Chaos

A Carribean Warrior roaming the land of New Zealand dedicated to his guild.

Allied with Minions of Hate, The Lords of Chaos and The Shadow Warriors.



Game Rank < 1100th

Guild Rank < 200th in Top 250 Guilds List

____BUFFS 4 SALE____

Buff Guild 4 Free. Half price for Guild Allies Level 160

PM first, pay after. Prices based on stamina used.

20k Each 5 Stamina Doubler(4x), Quest Finder(30)

40k Each 10 Stamina

Fury - AL - Lib - Merc - AM - Rage(35), Find Item(30),

60k Each 15 Stamina TH - Bes - Wither - Conserve - LastDitch

80k Each 20 Stamina

DarkCurse - Aura of Protection

ALL BUFFS for 6 Fsp

____CRAFT SHOP OPEN____ 100% Master Crafter with All items totalling 187% How I Works.. For PERFECT send 5 FSP for Master Crafter

Cost = 15,000 gold, If craft is less than perfect then it's free

For EXCELLENT send 3 FSP for Expert Crafter

Cost = 5,000 gold, if craft is less than excellent then it's free

ALL Crafts are Excellent or Higher

____4 RENT____

Auction House Slot = 15k

Back Pack Slot = 10k Day or 50k week



I want to clear your bounty as quick as possible & save u the torment of others, I will give 10k in addition to any gold taken during ur bounty session.