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Greetings, I am Anteyra of the Culling Guild, currently a Nidhogg AnteyraAv.jpg

I joined FallenSword on 30th Septemper 2007

I am the maintainer of the guild website. [1]


I was born a nomad, left to fend for myself, gaining strength and wisdom of the forest. But that wasn't enough, I still had a lot to learn. It wasn't until Mun6502 and WolfDreams took me under their wings (and fur) and helped me to gain even more strength. Since then I have done the same for others, helping them in their quest to become the strongest they can be, learning new things for myself and others along the way.


To reach level 150 by June 12th 2008

To donate 5,000,000xp to the guild by May 25th 2008