The Rebel Riders

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175 Gumbrel (South) (5,15) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 20 War Elnorphants
  3. Return to Start


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You come across what looks like a shift army camp and you enter to investigate. You meet some weary guardsmen who explain that a rebellion within the army has come about and that a large group of rebel Elnorphant Riders are trying to overthrow the local government and that they must be stopped. Will you help the guards?

You agree to help the guardsmen overthrow the rebel Elnorphant Riders and the guard tells you that around 20 Riders need taken care off nearby and that once this is done to come back for a reward for helping them.

You return to the warriors camp having completed their request. The guardsmen asked have you killed all the Rebel War Elnorphants in the area ?

The guards are happy you helped them as now the rebellion will soon be over and the local government will soon be safe. You gain 10,000 gold and 109,621 xp.