The Joke Wanes

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403 Citadel of Xinderoth (Floor 3) (10,10) Complete Defiler quest



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Orb of Chaos from Laughing Feind
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Circle of the Fiend (2,2)


Player Note:

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The air of this floor tingles against your skin. At the corners of your vision the walls look as if they are bubbling. But when you look, there are not. It was just a trick of the light in this place. You hear high pitched giggles, as a crazed man laughs at some joke he only finds funny. In a room by itself, you see what plainly is a Demon. His laughing seems spent. He looks at his hands as if he has never seen them before. You know insanity when you see it. You try to back away, but the Demon is upon you in a flash.

You blurt out before you think, the Demon looks at you without eyes, then giggles. 'A conditional remark, as if they are important! I want to stop being here. My kind get the joke only for so long. I fear that I might be losing my mind to the madness of this place. Please, I need to get back, but the Summoning circle can only function with the essence of both "here" AND "there". We have plenty of "here" essence. It's the "there" essence that is the crunch. My fellows have the essence held within them. Collect an Orb of Chaos and return. We shall talk further.'

The Demon is pacing the confines of the room. You can swear that the wall bulges as he gets near, but surly that can't be happening. As you enter the room the Demon slows to almost a stop, 'Have you acquired an Orb of Chaos?'

The Demon spreads his arms out wide, 'Wonderful, we cannot spill the blood of our kind. But you can, ha ha, I shall meet you in the Circle of the Fiend. It will be of benefit to both of us.'

In a dark corner of the Circle of the Fiend you find the Demon standing impatiently by a symbol of power. 'Ah there you are, with your Orb of Chaos I can open a door to my own place. With your presence it will give the essence of this place, I only need you permission to use it.'

With the Chaos orb in hand, the Demon looks at with a sideways glance, 'I see you have a Xinderoth Scepter Shard, here, take this one as well. I was tasked with keeping it. I'm sure it will prove useful to you.' And with that he steps onto the Symbol of Power. A searing pain almost brings you to your knees. When you open your eyes the room is empty apart from a vague hint of sulphur. You recieve 586,125 Xp + 1 x Xinderoth Scepter Shard 2.