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Dog Pound
Leader(s): Titan, DragonOwl, MicaWrath, Sapr0
Founder: Titan, DragonOwl, MicaWrath
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Website: Dog Pound Forum


The Guild

Welcome to The Dog Pound, a top 80 Guild!


"On the plains of hesitation lie the blackened bones of countless millions, who, at the dawn of victory sat down to rest, and resting, died"

Recruiting active, mature players, level 100 and up! Fill out the Membership Form on our forum to be considered. (

The Rules

OK, rules and regs of DOGPOUND:

1. The total amount of gp per week (every 7 days) expected from each member is 250k, which includes the 25% tax rate in addition to voluntary donations.

2. Taxation is at 25% for all levels, no exceptions.

3. If you're gonna be absent from the game for awhile (vacation, etc.) let us know in the "Going on holiday" thread so you don't get kicked for being inactive.

4. NO PANHANDLING. Do NOT ask other members for gp or fsp! Offenders will be given one warning. If that warning is not heeded, the offender will be kicked.

5. Recalling items: All ranks except Puppy can recall items. When looking for available items using the 'Report' button, keep in mind the following: - All the items listed in black are not equipped. - All the items listed in blue are equipped by the member under whom they are listed. Thus, the Recall Rules: Items listed in black can be recalled for use, no questions asked, no harm, no foul, etc. For items listed in blue, it’s important for the person doing the recalling to communicate with the person being recalled from, what has been recalled, and if you remember, to return the items to them. It’s important to know that recalling items is a privilege, not a right... Abuse of the recall rule will result in lower levels losing the privilege. Please note: if you see a set you want to use, use the 'Report' button to check for availability in black first; we might have am unused set available for you to use, without having to strip someone else and leave them vulnerable to potential PvP attacks. The flip side: If you have items equipped that might be recalled from you, you need to do one of the following: - accept that you might have an empty slot or 2 or 3 when you next get online - replace those items with other items so the recall process does not leave you hanging, equipment-wise - if you feel you must have the right equipment all the time, feel free to buy your own

6. GvG (Guild vs. Guild) – First off, we are NOT a GvG guild. None of us who run the guild actively seek out other guilds to engage in GvG; we consider it a waste of stamina and time, both of which are better spent leveling up, improving our characters, and improving gameplay for other members. Now, having said that – if you absolutely HAVE to GvG, if it’s a life-or-death situation, if it’s the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs, blah, blah, here’s what you hafta do:

Notify one of the top 4 of yer intentions; we are the only ones with the ability to initiate a conflict. Include the following when you ask: - Create a team of the members you want to involve from our guild (make sure you get the OK from them first; we will require them to verify that you’ve asked) so we know how many to involve; these will be the ONLY people from our guild who will get involved in the conflict! - When you want to start the conflict; make sure all those involved will be online at the same time so they know when it’s started. - Provide the 1 fsp part of the fee for initiating a conflict (under ‘Upgrades’, under the Guild menu)

When the above requirements are satisfied, the conflict will be initated, and you can attack members of the other guild as outlined in the FS rules about GvG (

IMPORTANT!! Any breaking of these GvG rules will result in the offending member being kicked!

7. This last is not as much a rule as a message to those who might join us with the intent to steal: ALL of our items are guild-locked! The top 4 of our guild are the only members of our guild who have the ability to unlock items... So if you think you can join us, stick with us, and get promoted into a position that will allow you to unlock items, YOU'RE WASTING YOUR TIME.

All these rules are subject to change or be added to based on input from guild members and/or by issues that arise that become problematic for everybody.

Current Buildings

  • Battle Totem Level 20
    • Increases attack by +40 (2 per level)

  • Health Shrine Level 20
    • Increases HP by +100 (5 per level)

  • Armory Level 20
    • Increases Defence by +40 (2 per level)

  • Endurance Shrine Level 3
    • Provides +15 stamina GAIN per hour for you (5 per level) so you gain 360 more stamina per day than normal.

  • Weaponsmith Level 20
    • increases Damage by +60 (3 per level)

  • Temple Level 5
    • Provides 50% increase in Holy enhancement (10% per level)

  • Shrine of Pain Level 5
    • Enhances critical hit chance by 25% (5% per level)

  • Tranquil Retreat Level 6
    • Provides 120 more MAX stamina (20 per level)

  • Pentagram Level 6
    • Increases Banishment enhancement by 30% (5% per level)

  • Blade Master Level 6
    • Increases Piercing strike by 60% (10% per level)

  • Training Room Level 10
    • Increases Dodge enhancement by 50% (5% per level)

  • Blacksmith Level 5
    • Reduces repair costs by 50% (10% per level)

  • Sustain Shrine Level 5
    • Increases the duration of the buffs by 25% (5% per level)

  • Tavern Level 1
    • Allows guild to see the time until next available mercenary is available.

  • Crafter's Workshop Level 5
    • Increases your crafting skills by 100% (20% per level)

  • Military Advisor Level 1
    • Shows the stats of your group

  • Fury Shrine Level 5
    • Increases your buff levels by 25 (5 per level)

  • Guild Registrar Level 3
    • Allows you to view and recall guild-locked items

  • Inventors Laboratory Level 10
    • Increases Master Inventory enhancement by 50% (5% per level)


Dog Pound wiki page created! :-D
New Ranks 'Cookie Monster' and 'Kung Fu Panda' created!


We have a lot of useful equipment to help our players, including legendary, unique and super elite sets that should provide 1 hit kills for most levels. Equipment is shared between users and the recall rules outlines above must be obeyed. All ranks above 'puppy' can recall items.

Current Ranks

  • Basic Ranks
    • XXX Guild Founder
    • XXX Co-Founder
    • 35,000,000 Ghost Hound
    • 25,000,000 Great Husky
    • 15,000,000 Saint Bernard
    • 9,500,000 Cerberus Hellhound
    • 6,500,000 Great Dane
    • 4,000,000 Wolfhound
    • 2,000,000 Rabid Pit Bull
    • 800,000 Doberman
    • 250,000 Siberian Laikas
    • 100,000 Bloodhound
    • 0 Puppy

  • Special ranks
    • Off To Breed (On Vacation / Retired With Honour)
    • Strayed Dogs (Inactives / About to get kicked)


How do I ask a guildmate for buffs?

Feel free to ask for buffs in Chat, but keep in mind... Other guildmates are burning their own stamina to help you, so please only ask for buffs when you can take full advantage of them. Be polite, and don't get grumpy if there's not someone available at the exact time you want buffs.

Get ready to hunt (put on hunting gear, set aside time to hunt) before asking for buffs. If you are able to one-shot mobs, don't ask for SK, SA, Wither and such as it is a complete waste of stamina.

Stamina to be played: Buffs:
Max stamina, or alternately:

600: AL+TH+LIB+MER, Doubler*
1000: AM, Conserve, Wither**
1500: Unbreakable***
2000: Deathwish**, Shatter Armor****, possibly Assist**
5000+: Doesn't really matter, just ask for anything you can get ;-)

This is a general guideline - individual players may set their own minimums.

Quest Finder is a bit of a special case - it improves quest item drops, but you still may need to make 50-100 kills for a quest item drop (instead of 200-400 kills) Find item is similar - ask for it when you need a specific item drop, such as from an elite with good drops.

(*) = Disable doubler after you are down to 79 or 59 stamina, so you can use your remaining stamina while still buffed.
(**) = If two-hitting
(***) = If your Master Blacksmith enhancement is below 75%
(****) = If you are two-hitting and your damage is higher than [monster's_armor * 0.25]+[monster_hp]

Guild Buffers

8Bools8: EW (130) AoP (130) TH (130) LIB (130) MER (150) AL (130)

c00k13puss: Rage (130) Fury (150) BER (150) WTH (150) EA (150) TH (150) AL (150) MER (150) LIB (150) AM (150) DB (150)

DragonOwl: AL (160) LIB (160) DC (160) FI (160) BER (160) DB (160) TH (160) HF (160) Fury (160) AM (160) SES (160) Ea (160) Mer (160) SH (160) ABS (35) Rage (35)

ekstrakt: Fury (145) BER (145) EW (145) DC (145) EA (145) AL (145) LIB (145) TH (145)

esefly: LIB (140) AL (140) MER (140) TH (140) FOR (140) RS (140) AoP (140)

INYOMOUF: AL (145) TH (145) MER (145) LIB (145) BER (145) FI (145) DB (145)

JanMStar: QF (145) LD (145) DB (145) FS (145) EMP (145)

Jodas: EW (150) HF (150) SW (150) Ignite (150) SES (150) WTH (150) UB (150) ASS (150) CVE (150) BM (150)

Kon206: Rage (135) Fury (135) Stun (135) BER (135) TH (135)

MicaWrath: BER (150) EW (150) DC (150) WTH (150) TH (150) AL (150) LIB (150) MER (150) AM (150) DB (150) CVE (150) DW (140)

Naxataxa: TH (135) AL (135) LIB (135) MER (135) EW (120)

NLD: Rage (120) Fury (140) AL (140) TH (140) LIB (140) BER (140) EW (140)

Sapr0: TH (170) AL (170) LIB (170) BER (170) DC (170) EA (170) AM (170) WTH (170) CVE (170) DW (170) CST (170) BM (170) DB (150) SSI (150) CA (72) ABS (35) Rage (35) Fury (35)

ShadowWynd: DC (145) AL (145) TH (145) LIB (145) MER (145) BT (145) DB (145) AM (145)

th3on3: MER (150) LIB (150) AL (150) BER (150) DC (150) WTH (150) CST (150) AM (150) UB (150) QF (150) Rage (35) Fury (35)

Titan: Fury (155) EW (155) BER (155) DC (155) WTH (155) TH (155) AL (155) LIB (155) DB (155) CVE (155) DW (155)

UncleJJ: AL (140) TH (140) MER (140) BER (140) EW (140) HF (140) DC (140)

ABS=Absorb, AL=Adept Learner, AM=Animal Magnetism, AoP=Aura of Protection, ASS=Assist, BER=Berserk, BM=Brewing Master, BT=Blood Thirst, CA=Counter Attack, CST=Constitution, CVE=Conserve, DB=Doubler, DC=Dark Curse, DCT=Deflect, DEF=Defiance, DW=Death Wish, EA=Enchanted Armor, EW=Enchant Weapon, FOR=Fortify, FS=Force Shield, HF=Holy Flame, LD=Last Ditch, LIB=Librarian, MER=Merchant, QF=Quest Finder, RS=Rock Skin, SA=Shatter Armor, SH=Shockwave, SSI=Summon Shield Imp, TH=Treasure Hunter, UB=Unbreakable, WTH=Wither

Useful Links

Buffer listings - This site is a list of users that sell buffs.

How to get there - Color flow charts showing how to get to where you want to go.

Fallen Sword Guide - Extremely useful site for Fallenword. Maps, creature stats, quest info, etc.

Where to hunt at your level.

Alternate list of places to hunt at your level.

Experience Gain Calculator - To determine value of XP Gain Upgrade.

Attack & Damage Calculator - Simple tool to use to calculate if you can kill a mob.

Stat Determinator - More advanced tool to use to calculate if you can kill a mob.

Fallen Sword Sets - information on the gear sets you can use.

Best Items for current level - Use this tool to find single items by a specific stat to compliment your sets.

Stamina Calculator - This tool calculates when your stamina will be full

Inventing guide - Shows what you need and where to find it for potion and item creation

Fallen Sword Calculators - You can build virtual sets. Compare upto 6 different sets. Check stats after buffs.