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931 Barnacle Bandit (Cargo Hold) (11, 3) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 20 Slave Shades
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Barnacle Bandit (Gunnery Deck) (8, 4)
  5. Kill 30 Ship Rats
  6. Return to Barnacle Bandit (Gunnery Deck) (8, 4)
  7. Go to Barnacle Bandit (Main Deck) (4, 4)
  8. Kill 5 Stowaways (Champion)
  9. Return to Barnacle Bandit (Main Deck) (4, 4)
  10. Kill 40 Galley Slave
  11. Go to Barnacle Bandit (Forecastle) (3, 2)
  12. Kill 50 Barnacle Bandit Buccaneers
  13. Go to Barnacle Bandit (Poop Deck) (2, 1)
  14. Kill 1 Captain Killblade
  15. Return to Barnacle Bandit (Poop Deck) (2, 1)


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You awaken in the dark. You hear a creaking but little beyond that. Your head is ringing and your experience in such matters lets you know that you were knocked out. A small light appears a little way ahead of you.

The light coalesces into a ghostly Pirate. It looks at you and grins. 'Ahaha! Pressganged were ye? Ha! No gettin' out of it now Bucko, you'll have to like it or be keelhauled! I know! I've seen it before.'

'Well then Bucko, since you be stuck in here with me and I be the only one who can let you out, how'd ye like to do me a favor?'

'Indeed not, no. I need you to kill or drive off all these ghosts that are in the sHold with us. They are driving me mad, what with them being slaves we lost during our voyages. Get rid o' them fer me and I'll unlock the door so's you can get to the Gunnery Deck above!'

'Arr, there ya be. Have you driven off 20 Slave shades for me?

'Ah hah! That's wonderful news. I guess I'll have to let ye out now. A word of advice, do as they tell ye. They'll have no problems killin' ye or feedin' you to the sharks. Just try to get to Captain Killblade and overthrow him. That'd be yer best chance!'

As you come up from the Cargo Deck into the light, you see a Pirate killing Rats. 'Got outta there didja? Get to work then!'

'Kill these rats! The lil' blighter are chewin' all our cannon tapers to pieces! 'Ow we s'posed to fire em wiff no tapers, eh?'

'You killed them Ship Rats yet?'

'30? 'Ow many issat? Lots? It'll do. Get up to the Main Deck. Sounds like they're 'avin' trouble up there!'

You arrive on deck to find the place in chaos. A pirate grabs you.

'Kill these stowaways! They be freein' the slaves and will kill us all! Press ganged or not!'

You fight your way back to the Pirate. 'Those Stowaways dead?'

'Good! Now help us subdue these slaves! They be worth good coin!'

'You find the pirate chaining up a slave. 'You manage to subdue all the slaves?'

'Good work. Now, go up to the Forecastle. Yer usefullness has been noticed.'

'You get up to the Forecastle and meet a pirate who is practising his swordplay.

'Aye, that I am. Yer provin' to be rather useful, so ye are. However, we now need to see how good you are with a sword! Defeat 50 o' me finest Buccaneers!'

'Well? How's yer Sword arm? Defeated me Buccaneers yet?'

'Really? Well now, ain't you just a little fighter! I do believe we may have another use for ye. Meet me on the Poopdeck!'

'Well now. Ye managed to get here. Right. Ol' Captain Killblade. I want you to kill him.'

'Well he's gone a bit soft. He's all about Honour in combat and I want none o' that. So I want you to kill 'im. I'll then take command and I suppose you can go if ye want.'

'Well then. Is the deed done?'

'Ah har! Excellent work me Matey! Now, with that, I want you gone. We'll drop you at Dead Dogs Island (Port). I don't want anyone as dangerous as you at me back. Here, take this hat. I don't want it. See ye around Matey!'

You receive 5,739,072 XP & 'Pirate Captains Battered Hat'.