Weapon of Significance

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373 Canyon Depths (8,8) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Stalker Claw from Dark Stalker
  3. Return to Start


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The Canyon depths are a welcome relief from the terrible heat of the open Canyon. As you turn a corner you come across a pompous looking man sitting on a small collapsible chair.

The looks at you down his nose, 'Well, you seem rather ominous in all that armour, I take it your are a warrior type. I assume you are competant, the other man I hired is not. Would you do me a favour and acquire me a Stalker Claw from one of those Dark Stalkers. I'll make it worth your while.'

The man is still fanning himself absently, he then sees you, 'Ah good, have you the Stalker Claw?'

He takes the dark oversized claw, 'Ah yes, this is much better, it will make a superb weapon. One of my station must have a majestic blade or we don't stand out in the crowd. The other chap brought me a much smaller claw, but it would never do. This claw will make a fine weapon, it's the colour depth you see. The darker the claw, the sharper the sword. Here you may have this one, it was not good enough for me, but should suit you fine.' You gain 457,896 xp and 1 x Stalker Sabre