We need a Hearty Stew!

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567 Hirosue Caverns (Depths) (7,15) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Jingshroom Cap
  3. Return to Start
  4. Obtain Bone Demon Claws
  5. Return to Start


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Walking through the Depths you come across the Dwarf Explorer from earlier. "Saw you comin' this time wi' that Hard Helm on! Told ye it'd be handy!"

"Aye, nae bad Laddie, nae bad. Listen, could you help me an' the Lads oot again? I'm needin' ye to kill some of these Jingshroom beasties and Bone Demons. Need something I can make a Hearty Stew fae."

The Dwarf is stood by a bubbling cooking pot. "Aye aye Laddie! Didja get any o' them Jingshroom Caps for me?"

"Crivvens! That's a big Cap! That'll do nicely! Come back when ye've got some of those Bone Claws fer me, aye?"

You arrive at the cooking pot and greet the Dwarf. "Allo Lad. You got them claws fer me?"

"Ach, fantastic Lad. That'll do nicely!" You watch as the Dwarf grinds the Bones and sprinkles them into the Stew. "Lovely! Thanks Lad. Here! I hae a spare Axe fer ye." You take the Axe and take your leave before the Dwarf offers some Stew. It really smells awful! You receive the Dwarfs Explorer Axe and 1,155,321 XP.