Wayward Friends

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347 Dark Vale (East) (11,1) [none]



  1. Go to Dark Vale (East) (11,1)
  2. Go to Dark Vale (East) (1,1)
  3. Go to Dark Vale (East) (6,6)
  4. Kill 20 Skeletal Spiders
  5. Return to Dark Vale (East) (6,6)


  • 432,225 XP

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This eerie place chills you to the bone. The wind sighs through the trees. Suddenly a scream punctures the air.

Picking through the trees, you discover a young girl struggling free from a silken cocoon. After cutting her free from her bonds she explains to you: 'I was making my way home with my two friends when we were set upon by a hideous Skeletal Spider. Can you please find my friends for me, that spider looked pretty hungry and I fear for their lives!'

A cocoon lies still and quiet on the forest floor. Perhaps you are too late!

The figure from inside is cold and lifeless. You wrap your cloak around the victim and hold her in your arms as she slowly regains consciousness. 'Thank you for freeing me! How ever did you know to find me here?' She asks. You explain to her about having helped her friend. She replys: 'Thank goodness, there were three of us traveling together. Can you search for our third friend please? She may not survive for much longer if she has been trapped like I was.

Another cocoon lies on the forest floor.

The girl from inside the cocoon shakes off the last of the spider web. You tell her that her friends are safe. She starts to speak to you: 'It's just as well you were traveling through this area, or we would all be spider food! I never want to experience that again, could you kill 20 of the Skeletal Spiders so it's safer to travel around here?'

'Have you finished your hunting?'

'Thank you. I can make my way back home with my friends now, in the knowledge that it is much safer around here.' You gain 432,225 XP.