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things i have contributed over time to wiki

-decided to add a seeable rarity option on template since when you entered it or not in the rarity section of coding it didint do anything and also applied an easier way to get back to the super elite page,titan page,champion page,elite page instead of having to go to the bottom or use the back button.

-tried to add pictures to smaller group classes in their drops ex:titans,super elites(ando said its be tiresome to try this) -chest:template layout raw version was not in a good order,modified chest temp to align right, ando complimented me. later i modified it again to include pictures in drops.

-added all the chest pages did mess up on one gold will get to that.

-added the chest in the chest page to creature categories for an easier find.

-added the scavenging page to the creature categories for an easier find.

-added the scavenging page in its raw form and the monsters on that page the kinks were not made out right.was later fixed by someone else.

-added a few new monster pages,i did not put in creature imformation:Fushiyoma (Super Elite)‎,Pinoldar the Centaur (Super Elite),‎ Lusika (Super Elite)‎,Count Gorbalz (Super Elite)‎

-item pages including:Possessions of Fushiyoma‎,Aellos Amulet‎,Aellos Armor‎,Aellos Rune‎,Luks Rune‎,Recipe of Morays Boots‎,Recipe of Arthaels Ring‎,Luks Amulet‎,Recipe of Arthaels Helm‎,Luks Shield‎,Helmars Golden Rune‎,Helmars Golden Warhammer‎,Helmars Visored War Helm‎,Bothild Battle Rune‎,Maeves Band‎,Maeves Blade‎,Recipe of Morays Tartan Sash‎,Recipe of Arthaels Grips‎,Arthaels Claw‎,Crown of Umbor‎,Gem of Mae‎,Gold Haggis Idol‎,Globe of Azrah‎,Recipe of Maeves Band‎,Recipe of Maeves Blade‎,Recipe of Maeves Helm‎,Maeves Helm‎,Bothild Battle Rune Recipe‎,Fire Stone of Bothild‎,Bothild Set‎,Bothild Battle Boots‎,Bothild Battle Boots Recipe‎.