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Feel free to rename that template ItemBox2 since numbering makes it easier to remember the template than adding FS or any other letter groupings to it. That's a good template and will work for all the item pages if we know their images. However, I did notice one difference between our templates... mine allows a user to insert additional non-image things into the box which can be seen on the Item Image pages. I also created a Needs Image template which could be put in it too. I'm going to leave my version as the default, mostly for non-web savvy players not familiar with the wiki, but any of the item pages with known images can be converted to your version as you get around to them. I'll use your version for my new pages as well.
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I just altered the ItemBox templates, mine and yours so items will now show inside the same boxes that are used for backpacks. I also altered yours (Template:ItemBox2) so it basically just uses Template:ItemBox and then supplies the extra information so you still only need to put in the item file number. The original ItemBox is now Template:ItemBox3 and can be used if you want to put in more than just the item image (ie. text).
I also edited Template:Shield2 to remove the extra blank line it was putting into the pages using it.
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Set + Item Stats

Just so you know, we're going with the uncrafted/unforged stats for items and their sets. This is to show the bare minimum they give since not everyone can afford to craft or forge their items.
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Set statistics and craft

Hum, I don't think this is actualy a good idea. I know most people won't pay for the perfect set, but many will buy an excellent one which is usualy very close. I think that uncrafted doesn't give an idea of the potential of the set for some items, there is like 50 points difference in a single skill. Perhaps we should display both with values displayed as a range (like for mobs info)

Phoxtrot 09:05, 14 July 2008 (BST)

This is a good idea, but I don't want to implement it until we get Extension:Parserfunctions and can use templates for all the content pages so we don't have to go back and edit every single page every time we make a small layout improvement. For now, if someone wants to know crafted stats, they can look at the individual item pages and do the math.
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