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The Paladin Order

Guild Website [1]

The Rabid Pitbull off her leash of the The Paladin Order

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Why the Rabid Pitbull off her leash?.. why because i am the one who bites the heads off the naughty paladins or anyone else who crosses our paths

Follow me thru the Iron gates and view the world thru my eyes.

== Potions ==

Potion of Acceleration =55,000 gp Potion of Bookworm- 3for 5fsp or 2 fsp each

Potion of Fury- 2 fsp each or 3 for 5fsp

Potion of lesser Death Dealer - 65k + depending on AH prices

Potion of Dull Edge- 50k to 1 Fsp Depending on AH prices

{{xvbabyvx's Link [2]


Being a Guild Founder and a Potion Maker My Ah normally has something in it If not ask me what I got for Sale

{{xvbabyvx's AH[3]}}