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Joined: 14/Mar/2009
Name: richyboyxD
Guild: For Fracks Sake
Guild Title: JELLO
Allies: richyboyxD
Enemies: NONE
Medals: Going To Have All Soon =]
Auction House:
Recruits: Too Many To Count
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"I eat jello. I love jello. I will be one with jello O_O."


Born Richard Vu in November 19, 1992. Currently living in San Jose, CA as a student in high school.


I went solo from lvl 1, not knowing what a guild does.

Defenders of Atlantis: (March 21, 2009 - April 4, 2009)

First Guild. Great Support and Fairly Small. :) Will Never Forget My time there. Lvl 24 - 94.

Ghostship: (April 4, 2009 - May, 2009)

Realized My Guild, DoA, ran out of gear for me to start 1-hitting at 140 where those creeps get harder; so I decided to create a guild with my 3,000 Fsp because it was the perfect oppurtunity to try it out. As expected my guild did not turn out the way I expected, even with bunches of gear and support, Project Ghostship was aborted. lvl 94 - 125.

I then found a guild known as FFS. :)

For Fracks Sake: (May, 2009 - .... ) lvl 125 - Beyond.

An Englishman known as Philio and an American known as RETSNOM once crossed paths in a game of which the name shall not be spoken here they strove to become the best players with the best items and all was good until one day the game admins decided to ban them for no apparent reason. So needless to say Philio and RETSNOM needed something else to do, and then they found Fallen Sword.

Minimum Level to Join is level 250 also you must have at least 5k max stamina and already achieved 90 Stam an hour. To apply go to our guild please visit our GUILD WEBSITE and fill out an application.

GUILD ALLIES: The Army of Darkness, Forsaken Kings, Chosen Few, Hellenic Phalanx, Imaginary Friends, Time Guardian, The Hunted Cow Tippers, and Lietuvos Didzioji Kunigaikstyste, Fallen Kings and Queens, Deadly Reckoning, The order of knights, Coalition of Freedom, and We Are Legends

NAP The Wicked Players

My Guilds Upgrades. Bold = FULLY MAXXED.

Ranks 132/200

Member Capacity 124/124

Structures 28/100

Guild Store 500/500

Guild History 250/250

Mercs 3/3

Members per group 50/50

Relics 6/6

Guild Tagging 1/1

Max Conflicts 19/19

Conflict Participants 95/95

Tax Rate 25/25

Guild Advisor 1/1

About Me

Proud member of For Fracks Sake.

Check Me Out! =O

Buff List

Updating Currently! Not buffing until Level 500. Sorry.


richyboyxD, FFS.