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Joined: July 28, 2009
Name: Krip7or
Medals: 5_6.png 8_4.png 9_6.png 12_1.png 13_1.png 14_1.png 15_2.png 19_2.png 20_6.png 21_6.png 22_2.png 23_4.png 27_2.png
Guild: Halls of Justice
Allies: LksTwice, Sealtiel, wolfvanes
Enemies: Accepting applications. 😈
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Documentation enthusiast, static player name critic.
See also MrSuave--a name that is no longer in use.

Javascript for the Wiki

Lusterless wrote JS code players can run in developer mode to generate sections of wiki pages.

Realm Maps

Lusterless wrote this script to generate the cells of a map table. It must be run after a page refresh and requires manual tagging and review. I made a tiny change so it would write tilePicture instead of tileSheet, all credit belongs to him.

 realmMap = GameData.realm(), i) => => `| {{tilePicture|${GameData.realm().set}_${GameData.realm().tile_lookup[i].i}}}`))
 GameData.realm().fixed.forEach((i) => 
   realmMap[i.y][i.x] = `| {{MapNote|image={{locationPicture|${GameData.realm().id}_${i.i}}}|target=${}}}`), i) => `| ${i}\n` + r.join("\n") + `\n| ${i}\n`).join("|-\n")