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Wellcome to my page

Fallen Sword Player: franksss[1](lvl 97)

Most Favorite Titans 118526547a3f6e0ec2dba2fc820e538e5903.jpg 1153521def9db56e577cde1d833631113ffd.jpg 1167d396e6875210faf2ca1d198d4675884e.jpg 1431d28d2fd3ad1c7b77d0b3fa646bf22ecf.jpg

Former member of:

                SuperSonic mobsters
                League of Cain
                Eternal legends

Currently in :

             Wicked Enchantments

1000 free gold a week to players 1-25


  Allies:Drogden1, IamLOSTBOY, Protoman7, SilentS0ul, patio9
  Ok friends:Crixis, Demondim



Please visit the bio of Patio9(terminated account)she is a great alli of mine [3]

sigma_468x60.jpg I also play Sigmastorm2 (lvl)31 Cyborg faction founder of Sigmastorm dominators