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 online.gif Projects
These are previews of what I'm doing when I'm not making random additions and small edits...
Post your project requests for me here too.

World Area Maps

Inspired by Mowgliks Maps, I decided it should be possible to do something very similar on the wiki. This is a basic idea of how it would look when you take a starting World Area and map out every area until you get to another World Area. This specific example starts at Krul Island. I'm also planning on making it look nice with colors, better formatting, and perhaps a bit more information for each area. You can find the currently finished maps on their specific starting world area pages.

New Templates and Stuff

With the addition of Extension:Parserfunctions, I can now make templates with many extended features. I am in the process of writing templates to take the place of the current page layouts. The first of these is Template:Item and several others have also been finished already. The only thing which slows me down is that after making one, I go and convert all the necessary pages to use that template. This will allow changes to the page layout to automatically be applied to all the pages instead of requiring someone to go through and edit every single page.

Add Suggestions/Requests Here

Check the extensions mentioned on this forum thread

 online.gif Avatars +
I make all my own avatars as well as an occasional one for a guildmember. So far I have not charged for my services, but would probably ask for something to make an avatar for a player not in my guild.
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offline.gif Feel free to use parts of my user page. Any credits linking back are appreciated. offline.gif