Unfair Deals

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617 Necral Fields (North) (5, 13) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Necral Fields (North) (3, 5)
  3. Return to Necral Fields (North) (3, 5)
  4. Return to Start


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You encounter a trader at the roadside. 'Hello there friend. I wonder If you can help me. I was scammed by several traders in this area, and I want some revenge. They gave me some phony gold for a golden artifact, and now I want it back. You interested in helping me?'

A smile edges across the trader's mouth. 'Excellent. The trader is situated directly north of here. I need you to pay him a visit and recover my gold artifact.'

You arrive at the scamming trader. 'Hello traveller, how can I help you?' You explain about the gold artifact that he acquired through scamming. 'What? I know nothing of a golden artifact...'

'Okay! okay! I'll give you the gold artifact, but I want something in return! My cart was ambushed by a group of Falornian Axemen, and they stole several of my wares. Return them to me and I'll give you the gold artifact back.'

You arrive back at the phony trader. 'Did you recover my wares from those axemen?'

'Excellent. I guess I should give you the gold artifact back.' The phony trader hands you the gold artifact. You gain 'Gold Artifact'.

You arrive at the roadside trader. 'Did you convince that phony to return the gold artifact?'.
The trader smirks. 'I knew I could rely on you. I guess I should give you something for your troubles, eh?' The trader hands you a small trinket. 'Here's something I acquired from a friend a few day ago. Thanks again, friend!' You gain 1,368,261 XP and 1 x Rune of Banaelia.