Unending Hope

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465 Icebelt Thule (North) (13,12) [none]



  1. Obtain Sea Serpent Amulet from Were Killer Penguin
  2. Return to Start


  • 718,154 XP

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The Ice Fields looked like they went on for ever, but the coast brought an abrupt end to the snow. The small Islands just looked too inviting not to explore. As you walk to the Island you find a Qawi Woman softly weeping.

The Woman wipes her eyes, 'I have lost my Husband, or so they say. His body was never found. I cannot help but hope that he may walk into the Village and say it was all a joke. They say he fell to the Curse, I must know he is lost to me for sure. But none of the Braves of the Village will challenge the Curse and find out if my Husband is gone. He wore a Sea Serpent Amulet. Can you please see if my Husband is one of the afflicted, and bring me the Amulet?'

The Qawi Woman stands I her furs waiting in misery for you to return, \'Have yo found the Sea Serpent Amulet my Husband wore?\'

She takes the Amulet from you I utter silence. 'So he did fall. I find this news less terrible than I thought I would. His suffering is now at an end and I can now begin to re-build my life. Thank you Warrior. You receive 718,154 Xp