Unbroken Spirits

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484 Castle Morbidstein (Fortress Lower) (10,16) [none]



  1. Obtain Introduction to Anatomy
  2. Return to Start
  3. Kill 15 Undun Specter (Champion)s
  4. Return to Start


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A young man carrying an empty bag waves at you.

He shakes the bag at you, 'Those big bullies took my Introduction to Anatomy. They think it's funny - I need that book, its by The Doctor himself! Can you go get it back, the Undan Specters took it.'

The Student waits for you to return. \'Have you got my Introduction to Anatomy?\'

The Student takes the book from you with obvious relief and gratitude. 'You're very strong I can tell. The Undan Specters are not weak. But nobody seems to want to deal with them. I bet you could – I'll bet you could teach them a lesson. I'll let you into the Boiler Room and you can go kill 15 Undan Specter (Champions). That will teach them for bullying me.'

The Student is reading his book undisturbed, as you approach he looks up from his studies, \'Have you killed 15 Undan Spectre (Champions)? They are lurking in the Boiler Room.\'

The Student closes the book with a triumphant snap, 'Ha - I knew you could do it! They will of course re-form, but that's not the point. They will remember and not to treat me so badly in future. Since you have been so accommodating, I thought you should have this. I found it in the Boiler Room ages ago. Thank you of your help.' You receive 911,713 xp + 1 x Undan Tribal Amulet