Tribal Raid

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491 Forest of Ral (Fence) (10,10) [none]



  1. Obtain Spellflawed Rune
  2. Return to Start
  3. Go to Leopard Centaur Tribal Grounds (3,14)
  4. Go to Leopard Centaur Tribal Grounds (11,7)
  5. Kill 15 Leopard Centaur (Champion)s
  6. Return to Leopard Centaur Tribal Grounds (11,7)
  7. Return to Leopard Centaur Tribal Grounds (3,14)


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The Forest of Ral is ancient beyond your comprehension. The majesty of the trees are obvious even to your eyes. It does not surprise you to find an Elven Ranger standing in a sunny clearing.

The Elf looks at you suspiciously, 'It is strange to find an adventurer with manners. It also is fortuitous that you arrive. I have run out of arrows trying to slay the Leopard Centaur. They have joined together and are much more potent than they usually are. I fear that they have found some inner strength from somewhere. Could you find out a clue to what that is?'

The Elven Ranger waits for you looking mournfully at his empty quiver. \'Have you discovered why the Leopard Centaur are so potent?\'

The Ranger takes the Spellflawed Rune and examines it carefully. 'This is very odd. The Leopard Centaur do not traditionally see magically enhanced items as honorable. It is curious why they would carry such an item. I must find out why the Leopard Centaur have suddenly changed. I would appreciate it if you would come with me. In times such as these I could use a good companion. If you would join me in the Leopard Centaur Tribal Grounds we can uncover the root of this mystery.'

The Elven Ranger looks around with apprehension, he greets you when he sees you.

He smiles as you draw near, 'We do not come here normally. The Leopard Centaur see all non-cat beings as food. Savages! This is as deep as I dare go into their lands without any arrows. Can you find out where they are getting the Spellflawed Runes from?

You walk this secluded part of the Forest looking for the source of the magic runes. The Leopard Centaur attack you on sight but you eventually find a ring of Power with a Shaman standing next to it.

The Centaur Shaman looks with disdain at the incomplete Runes at the center of the Ring, 'You have come to witness my shame Warrior, the Leopard needs no trinkets to hunt, only claws. But the new Chief has seen the magic of the Elves and covets their easy power. I am forced to craft these abominations. But I see an aura radiating from you, it's not just your foolish equipment - I see that Destiny has her hand on you. If you kill 15 Leopard Centaur (Champions) I think I can convince the Chief of the error of his ways.'

The Centaur Shaman waits by the Ring of Power, \'Have you slain 15 Leopard Centaur (Champions)?\'

The Centaur Shaman smiles for the first time. Then slams his claws onto the incomplete Runes before him. 'The Champions have the finest Runes I craft. Their defeat proves that depending on the Runes weaken the Warrior and so they are not worthy of hunting the Forest. Here, take this Rune, do with it as you will. I must talk to my Chief.' You hold the beautiful Rune in your hands. You are sure that the Elven Ranger will want to see this. You gain 1 x Forest Rune of Ral

The Elven Ranger is even more nervous then when you left, \'You took your time there my friend! Did you find out where the Leopard Centaurs are getting the Runes from?\'

You explain that this was given to you by a Centaur Shaman who was standing on a Circle of Power, who seemed to be copying this Rune to craft the Spell Flawed Runes. The Ranger takes the Rune and looks at it carefully. 'This is an item of Ralthien! I don't understand where they would acquire such an item but I must take it back to my superiors and tell them about it. Thank you for all your help Warrior. Maybe the King is correct about Outsiders after all. Take this Amulet to replace the Rune. You gain 1,443,542 Xp + 1 x Pendant of the Leaf