Tribal Defense

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814 Eldshaw Rocks (West) (2, 2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 45 Encholic Tribes Men
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Eldshaw Rocks (West) (2, 14)
  5. Return to Start


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You encounter a small wooden village. It's palisade barely seems enough protection for its occupants. Approaching the seemingly flimsy gate, the two of the guards standing either side of the gate watch you cautiously.

You are about to enter when a volley of arrows strike the guard to the left of you, dropping him instantly. The second guard barely has enough time to react before a second volley of arrows find home on the guard's chest. From the rocks beyond the village frontier pour waves of tribal warriors who bear down upon the village, screaming their war cry.

Will you help defend the village?

The Encholic tribal warriors turn to meet you head on, their weapons raised in preparation to engage you in battle!

The Encholic tribal warriors continue their ferocious attack against the villages guards, many of which seem to be barely men themselves. They were probably drafted into military service at the last minute to help in the defense of their village.

You successfully help the villagers dispatch the last of the Encholic tribal warriors. One of the village guards approaches you. 'Thank you for your help friend. Many would have stood by, watching my men get slaughtered but you went out of your way to assist in the defense of our home. You have my thanks and that of my people. I wonder however If you could do my people one last favor?...'

The guard continues... 'Somebody stole several valuable item from my village's sacred temple. I wondered if you could retrieve them for us?'

A smile cuts across the guards face. 'Thank you! You should find that the Encholic tribe is keeping it at their hideout south of here. Good luck!'

You arrive at the hideout the guard mentioned. The place seems vacant of activity.

You enter the hideout, dispatching several Encholic warriors with relative ease. You are able to finally recover the items that were stolen from the tribal village. You must now take the items back to the village. You gain 'Stolen Tribal Items'.

You arrive back at the tribal village. The village guard stands waiting for your return. 'Did you manage to recover the stolen items?'

You hand over the stolen items. 'Oh thank you. You have succeeded where many failed. Here, take this as a reward for your hard work!' The guard hands you an impressive looking pair of gloves. You gain 3,375,090 XP and 'Gloves of Euiah'.