Treacherous Dwarfs!

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569 Hirosue Caverns (Maze) (2,15) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 50 Hirosue Dwarf Explorers
  3. Return to Start
  4. Reach level 570
  5. Go to Hirosue Caverns (Murk) (11,8)
  6. Kill 10 Hirosue Dwarf Explorers
  7. Return to Hirosue Caverns (Murk) (11,8)
  8. Kill 30 Fucanglong Dragons
  9. Return to Hirosue Caverns (Murk) (11,8)


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Navigating your way through the Maze, you round the corner to to find yourself confronted by the Dwarf Explorer. He does not look happy to see you this time.

"Whit's the matter? Yer followin' us, ain't ye? Hopin' we'll lead you to the gold doon here! I'll no have it! With that, the Dwarf Hollers "Lads! Get 'im!" and charges you.

After a furios battle, the Dwarf and his Lads backs off. All are looking at you in fury but with a new respect. "Ye really are quite the Warrior eh, Lad?"

"Aye. I canna hae you interferin' in oor business!" With that the Dwarfs beat a retreat. You hear the Explorer yell to his Lads "To the Murk. We gotta get tae those Dragons before he stops us!" You decide that you have to follow them into the Murk!

You confront the last of the Dwarfs. "Dinna dae it Lad. These filthy Dragons are protected by thon mental Monks in the Temple above. They're just Dragons!"

"If'n yer sure. Get him Lads"

You advance upon the Dwarf Explorer, having destroyed the last of his Lads. "Here Lad! Hae this!" He throws a ring at you.

As you catch the ring, you hear a roar behind. Spinning around, you see the Dragons you were protecting attacking! "Looks like ye have a fight Lad!" You receive the Blue Dragon Head Ring.

With a heavy heart, you dispatch the last of the Rampaging Dragons. You turn to the dying dwarf who is laughing weakly.

"Aye Lad, I do. Yer forced to cut down Dragons you had decided tae protect. Whit a laugh!" Disgusted by the Dwarf, you advance and lop his head from his shoulders. You receive the Dwarf Explorers Head and 1,751,384 XP.