Trade Route

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493 Forest of Ral (Valley) (6,18) None



  1. Kill 30 Paua Gryphons
  2. Return to Start
  3. Go to Forest of Ral (Valley) (18,10)


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You come across a lone Trader cowering in his caravan.

The Trader opens his eyes and sees you for the first time, 'I heard that Ralthien had opened up to foreign traders. But I can't get through because of those Paua Gryphons just keep on attacking. Could you kill 30 Paua Gryphon so I can get through the area?'

The Trader is waiting patiently for you to return, \'Have you killed 30 of those foul Paua Gryphons?\'

The Trader climbs out of the caravan and sits in the drivers seat, 'That's great, can you do me one more favor? Can you escort me to the exit to the next Realm? It would calm my nerves.'

The Trader whistles tunelessly as you travel through the Valley. Eventually you find the Entrance to the Hill.

The Trader smiles back at you. 'That's great, I thought I was going to be a meal for those blue brutes. Take this sample of my goods. See you in Ralthien.' You receive 873,203 Xp + 1 x Trade Sample