Threat Rising

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686 Vapid Caves (Depths) (2, 14) [none]



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  3. Go to Vapid Caves (Depths) (8, 3)
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You notice a figure laying upon the ground.

It appears to be a dead human. Something moves behind you. You turn to see another human, this time with a weapon trained towards you. 'You were foolish to enter here! They will kill you!' A massive form blots out the rays of light flooding into the cave via the opening. Several massive Basilisk creatures prepare to attack you and the other human. You must defend yourself!

The deadly creatures continue to attack you.

You successfully slay the last of the creatures. The human hunter turns to you, dropping to one knee. 'The beast injured me. Please, help me. There is a rare plant that grows in these caves. It's leaves contain unique properties that can heal my wound. Return here once you have managed to acquire some leaves from this plant. Be careful though, those beasts are still out there!'

You arrive within an area of the cave where plant life appears to be flourishing. These must be the plants the injured hunter was referring to.

You remove a few of the leaves from the plant and slip them into your pocket.

You arrive back at the injured hunter. He seems relieved at your return. 'Did you manage to find that plant I mentioned?'

'Excellent!' The hunter takes the leaves and begins applying them to his wounds. 'I thank you for your help, friend. Me and my comrade..' He points to the corpse of the human hunter nearby. 'We were sent down here to cull the snake population, that is until we discovered the size of them! Now I intend to make a hasty withdrawal from this place, at least once my wounds have healed enough. Here, you may as well take this.' The human reaches across and takes an amulet from the fallen hunter before passing it to you. 'Thank you again for your help!' You gain 1,832,650 XP and 'Amulet of Phoaan'