The Von Schwarzhurg Experiment

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860 Horrowal Dungeon (Great Chamber) (2, 2) [none]



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You stumble upon a stocky looking Dwarf. 'Hey, its a bit dangerous here for you to be traveling about. Now that you're here though, I don't suppose you would be willing to help me kill Von Schwarzhurg?'

'Fantastic! I'm quite glad actually, as I've been having great difficulty killing off those damn Vrykolakas! I can't access the halls to kill Von Schwarzhurg without killing the Vrykolakas. If we kill enough of them, we should have clear access. Return here once you've killed enough. Good luck!'

You arrive back at the Dwarf Champion. 'Hey, you made it back! Did you manage to kill enough of those Vrykolakas?'

'Excellent... Unfortunately I was injured while fending off multiple Vrykolakas. You'll need to kill Von Schwarzhurg yourself. Return to me once you've managed to kill him'.

You arrive back at the Dwarf Champion just as he dispatches a handful of Vrykolakas. 'Hey' He says inbetween breaths. 'Did you manage to kill Von Schwarzhur?'

A grin cuts across the Dwarf's mouth. 'Outstanding! We should get out of this place now. I have a feeling more Vrykolakas are on their way. Here, take this. I managed to recover it off one of the Vrykolakas.' The Dwarf hands you a sturdy armor suit.

You gain 3,989,198 XP and 'Horrowal Armor'.