The Upper Hand

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367 Hidden Valley (East) (7,15) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Verdant Amulet from Druid
  3. Return to Start


  • 443,264 XP

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The blue sky of the Hidden Valley is speckled with huge birds. You ready your weapon expecting an attack for the overhead aggressors. You are looking up so much you hardly see the man before you stand on him. You are suddenly struck by the fact he has fantastic scarlet wings. He is laying unconscious on the floor with one broken under him.

You reach out and pick up the unconscious man and lay him out with his wings out stretched. As soon as you are finished the man comes round. He looks at you amazed, 'Thank you Stranger you seem very kind. We are the Ja Quan, and are at war with a hated foe. But we are in a stalemate. If we had an edge over our enemies we could bring the war to an end. The Druids in this land carry a Verdant Amulet, please get me one. I will be grateful.'

The wounded Ja Quan is much better when you return, as you approach he greets you, 'Welcome my Friend, have you managed to get a Verdant Amulet?'

He takes the amulet with open relief, 'I was tasked to brig one to my commander, but we are not good at combat on the ground, I was over powered by the Druid. We Ja Quan have little knowledge of such magics. I shall take the Amulet to my commanders, you have done us a great service in our war against the Ji Quan You gain 443,264 xp.