The True Word

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8 Elya Canyon (Rise) (3,10) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Broken Life Tablets from Sand Golems
  3. Extract the Clay Fragments
  4. Invent Life Tablet
  5. Return to Start


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A Woman dressed in dark robes waves at you.

As you get nearer you are too late to undo your mistake. The Witch grabs you by the wrist with unnatural speed. 'You shall do as I say or I shall lay a hex upon you so painful you will be unable to breath let alone scream. There are some men made of sand in this realm. I wish to understand what sustains them. I asked a Wizard but he simply said “Truth, but you will have to discover that yourself.” I really hate Wizards don't you?'

She then reaches into her robes and gives you a piece of parchment, 'The useless Wizard did give me this. Go build me the Life Tablet so I can read the word of power.'

You recieve 1 x Life Tablet Restore Recipe

The Desert Witch waits for your return, 'Have you made the Life Tablet?'

She grabs the Life Tablet from you, 'Emet.... what it this.. Gahhh I sooo hate Wizards!' She glares at you, 'As a reward for all your hard work, I shall let you live.' With that she walks away from you, muttering as she goes.

You receive 210 Xp