The Story of the Three Dwarves

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100 Wolver Woods (13,2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Wolver Woods (10,19)
  3. Go to Wolver Woods (10,19)
  4. Go to Wolver Woods (7,13)
  5. Go to Wolver Woods (7,13)
  6. Go to Wolver Woods (2,20)
  7. Go to Wolver Woods (2,20)
  8. Go to Wolver Woods (2,20)
  9. Return to Start


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You wander the Wolver Woods, fending off any of the many Werewolves that infest the area. You come to a clearing where you see three Dwarves. They seem quite bloodied from battle.

The Dwarves start at the sound of a voice and raise their weapons.

When the Dwarves see a human face looking them, they relax a bit but are still somewhat on guard. One of them gruffly shouts 'You 'uman?' at you.

The Dwarves relax. 'That's the first bit o' good news all day. You seen these Werewolves that are messin' the place up?' You nod. 'Well they've been destryoin' our houses. Seems to be under the direction of this Big, Black Werewolf. Goes by the name of Blackmane. You feel like helpin' us out?'

'Right then Human. Wanna help out some Dwarves in trouble?'

'Please check each of our houses. We think the Werewolves and Blackmane want them all destroyed. We're pretty certain at least one of them is gone. The first, whih is made outta Straw is nearly directly south. Please check that 'un first.

By the way, you may need some help takin' Blackmane himself down if you meet hi. Take this Recipe, just in case.'

You receive 'Recipe of Magically Reinforced Blade'

You reach the Straw house. It has been destroyed utterly. Just as you are about to set off for the wooden house, you are beset by Blackmanes Minions.

You destroy the last of the Minions. You feel it would be a good idea to head towards the Wooden house to the North West.

You arrive at the ruins of the Wooden house. There are more of Blackmanes Minions milling about.

As you kill the last of them, you get the feeling that they were left as a rearguard of sorts. You'd better get to the Stone House!

You reach the Stone house just as Blackmane does. He scents you are sends his remaining minions against you.

You wipe out the last of Blackmanes minions. You grin wolfishly at Blackmane and beckon for him to attack!

Blackmane charges you in a frenzy!

The battle is swift, though brutal. You have emerged victorious and the Werewolf threat in this Realm is ended. Time to return to the Dwarves and let them know that their Stone house is safe.

You return to the three Dwarves.

'You're back! What happened?' You tell them that while the Straw and Wooden houses have been destroyed, you managed to slay Blackmane and his minions before they destroyed the Stone House. 'That is better than we had hoped! You are a Warrior of skill and honor. Please accept this Rune as a token of our appreciation!'

You receive 'Dwarven Forged Rune' & 59,402 XP.