The Story of the Kidnapped Princess

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550 Dark Dwarf Forest (14,4) [none]



  1. Go to Start
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  3. Go to Dark Dwarf Mine (3,4)
  4. Go to Dark Dwarf Mine (15,10)


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You are exploring the dark forest, when you come across a Guard in the livery of a Royal Family.

He spins round and levels his halbard at you. 'Who are you? Are you in league with the Dwarves of this forest?' You look at him questioningly. 'No. What is wrong?'

The guard sags. 'The Dwarves in this realm. Seven of the little gits. They have kidnapped the daughter of our Royal Family. We know they did it and they won't return her. They sent their little mining golems out to stop us, then collapsed their mine entrance. The Queen gave me a recipe to breach the mine blockage but I can't figure it out. Can you help me?' You agree and the guard hands you the recipe.

You receive 'Recipe of Magical Pick'.

You return to the Guard. 'Have you figured out the recipe?'

'A pick?' You explain that it is magical and should allow him to get through the collapsed mine entrance. 'Really? Okay! Thanks. Will you meet me in the mine?' You say you will. 'Really? Thanks. Meet you there!' With that, the Guard dashes off.

You find the Guard waiting for you. He appears to have been roughed up.

'Those bloody dwarves! They are wandering around here whining that they had to lock up the Princess. I found her, locked in a glass casket. I tried to open it when the dwarves found me. They laughed at me while beating me up, saying that only their combined keystone would work in freeing her from the casket. They did say she was safe and in a magical sleep. Wanted to store her until they found a way to make her more useful. What are we gonna do?'

You look at the Guard, flashing a wolfish grin and say, 'Let me talk with them. Meet me at the casket.' You turn away, leaving the Guard to himself. He thinks 'That grin. Those Dwarves are in a lot of trouble!'

You meet the Guard at the casket. 'How did it go? Did they laugh?'

With a florish, you produce the Dwarven Glyph Keystone and find the part of the casket it connects to. The fit is perfect and the casket opens. The Guard looks in nervously. 'Is she alright?'

The Princesses eyes flitter open. 'Who are you?' she asks when she sees you. 'The Dwarves have been convinced to let me go home?' You grin and say that she can indeed go home. The Guard will guide her. The Guard looks up and nods his head. 'Your Mother, the Queen, has been worried. This Warrior has been of great help. The Princess looks at you and says 'Thank you Warrior. You will ever be welcome at our hearth. Take this Seal as a token of appreciation.' You thank the Princess and then take your leave. There are more adventures to start!

You receive 1,811,702 XP and 'Royal Seal of the Winter Family'.