The Story of Three Teddy Bears

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250 Happy Bear Woods (8,11) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 25 Corrupted Woodland Critters
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to The Bears Cottage (5,5)
  5. Go to The Bears Cottage (5,1)
  6. Kill 1 Gate Crashing Witch (Elite)
  7. Return to Start


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You are wandering through this pleasant forest, wondering what will greet you here. The stories are wrong so far. No reason to think this one is not. As if on cue, you hear a trio of high pitched squeals.

You run through the woods, and come upon a sight which stops you in your tracks. Three small teddy bears are stood back to back, fending off Cute Woodland Critters.

You are still wondering what you are looking at when you hear the Woodland Critters. They are talking to the Bears. You hear them say 'Aaaaaw come on. We just want to kill you! It won't hurt!' One of the Bears sees you and squeaks for help.

You run in the middle of the Critters, scattering them. When they start attacking you, saying that 'Being killed won't hurt!', you draw your weapon and kill them all.

After the carnage, the teddy bears stand looking at you with a glint of hope in their button eyes. 'Thank you for saving us from the Critters. They used to be our friends.'

You look down at the crestfallen teddy bears. 'Used to be?' you say. They look up and one says 'Yes. We are three brown bears. We live in a nearby cottage. A wicked witch has eaten our food and slept in our beds. When we confronted her, she turned us into Teddy Bears! She then threw us out of the cottage and told the Critters that they could be free of their spell if they killed any teddy bears they see, turning them against us! We thought we were done for but then you appeared! Would you help us?'

Yay! Thank you hero! We had an idea of how to deal with her. We think that she'll cast the same spell on you, so you have to protect yourself. We have a mirror in our cottage, so if you sneak in and grab that, you might be able to use it somehow to protect yourself.'

You think about this and scribble a note down. You think the Bears have the right idea, but you'll need to reinforce the mirror. You write a few notes and turn to the bears. 'Stay hidden. Once I have dealt with the witch, I'll find you and let you know.'

You receive 'Recipe of Magic Repelling Mirror'.

You sneak into the cottage, being as quiet as possible and look for the mirror. You can hear the witch snoring softly and are tempted to try to defeat her in her sleep but you reckon the Story itself would stop you and wake her. Just then, you spy the mirror.

You carefully remove the mirror from the wall. You know exactly what you'll do with this. Once you have created the Magic Repelling Mirror, you'll be ready to take the witch on!

You receive 'The Bears Mirror'

With the Magic Repelling Mirror constructed and used as a shield, you feel confident you can deal with the witch. You stand at the foot of the bed and clear your throat loudly.

The witch jolts awake and jumps out of the bed. 'Who are you? Why are you in MY house?' You tell her you are here on behalf of the Bears. 'Oh, you are, are you? Then you shall share their fate!' With that, she casts a spell bolt at you.

You wield the Magic Repelling Mirror and reflect the bolt back to the witch. It strikes her in the chest and with a shriek and a comical POP sound, she turns into a Teddy Bear in witchs clothing. 'Gah! I can't believe it! I'll be back to deal with you later!' she screams. She jumps out of the window beside the bed. Unfortunetly, the Woodland Critters are waiting and pounce on her, ripping her to stuffing! You'd better get to the bears to let them know their house is safe.

You return to where you left the teddy bears to find three large brown bears stood in their place. They see you and one of them says 'The witch must be dead.'

You explain that she was undone by her own magic and that the critters destroyed her plush, teddy body, just as her spell instructed them. 'That explains why we are back to normal. The Critters have gone back to their sweet, normal selves too! We can't thank you enough! But we can at least let you rest at our house and give you breakfast!'

You thusly spend a pleasant evening with the bears and the restored critters. Come morning, the bears give you a bowl of porridge. It is heated through perfectly. It's just right! With breakfast out the way, you bid the bears farewell and continue on your travels!

You receive 485,553 XP and 'Bowl of Porridge'.