The Saurus Shield

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325 Tyali (North) (7,2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Strikosaurus Frill
  3. Return to Start


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Before you is a small hut out of which pops an odd little man. 'Oh - hello. You seen the Strikosaurus? Marvelous beast, all those spikes. But it's the hide I want just, imagine a shield made from that majestic frill! Go get me a Strikosaurus Frill.' And with that he shuffles back into the hut.

'How rude' You think to yourself. One persons spiked horror is anothers marvelous beast. Now where are those things....

The hunt was long and hard, you arrive back at the odd little hut.

The little man steps out with glee. 'You a have Strikosaurus Frill!' The little man snaches the frill, and disappears into odd little hut. Out of the hut errupts the sounds of ripping and after a while he returns whith a wide grin. 'Here, take this Saurus Shield.' He almost turns, then continues 'You will not find many shields with that attitude.' And with that he vanishes back into the hut. You gain 347,491 XP and 1 x Saurus Shield.