The Perfect Pipe

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495 Forest of Ral (Clearing) (6,12) [none]



  1. Obtain Ral Pipe
  2. Return to Start


  • 806,951 XP

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You come across a young man dressed as a Bard.

The Bard flaps his arms uselessly. 'I'm a terrible Bard, I can't hold a single note. But its a family tradition to be musical. I've heard that the Ral Faun are superb players, magical even. I've tried to talk to them and trade for a Ral Pipe but they simply laugh at me as tell me to practice more. Can you get me one? I'm sure with their magical Pipe I'll be able to play.'

You return to the Bard, he greets you warmly, \'Have you got a Ral Pipe from those Fauns?\'

He takes the simple wooden instrument and begins to play. The sound is not pleasant. 'Its not magical, it's just a wooded pipe. It must be the Faun themselves that are magical. They were right all along about me simply practicing. I'd better go and do just that. Thank you for all your help.' He turn and sadly walks into the Forest. You receive 806,951 Xp.