The Lost Watch

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391 Dar GromSol Desert (7,12) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 15 Dar GromSol City Guards
  3. Return to start.


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You walk through the gentle sands of Dar GromSol. Large walls tower over you, the stones weathered with age crumbling into the sands are littered all around you. As you look around the sorry sight, you spy a man in Armour standing staring around. But he begins to fade as you look.

At your shout the Guard turns to face you, 'My Watch is late, they have not returned, the City is so quiet recently. I don't seem to be able to concentrate as I could, would you go find the Watch. They need some discipline, kill 15 Dar GromSol City Guard and return.'

The Guard Leader is stood where you found him, 'Have you killed 15 Dar GromSol City Guard?'

The apparition nods, 'Good, the rest of the Watch will hear of the discipline and return to the Guard Tower. Without discipline there can be no Guard, and we will fail in our duty to the City. You have proven yourself dependable, you may enter the Guard Tower. It can be found to the South West of here.' You gain 503,219 XP.