The Last Forest Folk

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32 Forgotten Forest (East) (18,25) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 10 Blood Wolves
  3. Return to Start


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Deep in Forgotten Forest you find a small clearing where some ancient white standing stones stand. As you inspect the stones some Elves appear from nowhere and ask if you will help them. Will you help the Elves?

You accept to help the Elves and they tell you that they were once a numerous people in the Forgotten Forest, but then the Blood Wolves came and hunted the Elves of the forest to near oblivion and that they are the among the last of the Forgotten Forest Elves. They wish you to help them in their war of revenge against the Blood Wolves. You must go and kill 10 Blood Wolves then return to the standing stones.

"Have you killed the Blood Wolves like we asked of you?"

"Thank you brave warrior! Our gift to you for helping our cause is a precious heirloom of ours. Don't loose the heirloom as you may find you will need it soon." You gain 1 x Forgotten Elf Emerald and 3,578 XP