The Hunters Peril

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584 Truncal Jungle (West) (11,3) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 30 Ussuri Tigers
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Truncal Jungle (Hunting Grounds) (12,8)
  5. Go to Truncal Jungle (Hunting Grounds) (3,9)
  6. Kill 10 Ussuri Tiger (Champion)s
  7. Return to Truncal Jungle (Hunting Grounds) (3,9)
  8. Return to Truncal Jungle (Hunting Grounds) (12,8)


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You enter the clearing and are confronted by the sight of two Hunters fighting back to back against a huge number of Ussuri Tigers.

Whipping your blade out for combat, you lunge into the fray.

You help the two Hunters fight off the Ussuri Tigers and scan quickly for more. As you do so, you hear a scream from one of the men.

The other hunter runs up to you. 'One of the Tigers was hiding and has taken Huang Fu! Please help me rescue him! The Tiger will have gone to the Hunting Grounds!'

The Hunter is worried but still fairly calm as you reach the Hunting Grounds. 'The Tigers here are generally harder to kill but after seeing your fighting prowess earlier, I am sure we can save my Brother.'

'Thank you stranger. We'd best start searching.'

You find the wounded Hunter fending off several Ussuri Tiger (Champion).

You charge into the Ussuri Tiger (Champion)s.

Despite being mighty creatures, the Ussuri Tiger (Champion)s fall to your wrathful strokes.

The Hunter gapes at you. 'By the Celestial Ones! You slew them without breaking stride!' You tell him his Brother is hunting for him too. 'We'd best meet up with him, Friend!'

'Huang Fu! You are alright!" The Hunter claps his Brother gently on the shoulder. 'I thank you, Friend, for saving my Brother'

Huang Fu smiles. 'Nonsense my Friend. You saved my life. Xun and I are grateful and hope we will see you again. In the meantime, please accept this recipe. You can put those Ussuri Carcasses to use. You can find the second recipe in the shop in the Great Canopy (Upper). Now we shall leave you. My thanks again!' You gain 'Recipe of Ussuri Skull Helm' and 1,634,268 XP.