The Grothan Blockade

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290 The Grothan Way (South) (12,12) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 80 Grothan Cyclops
  3. Go to The Grothan Way (South) (2,5)


  • 347,156 XP
  • 60,800 gold_button.gif

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You come across a dying warrior. He tells you that he is an adventurer and that he had wished to go to the unknown lands beyond the Grothan Way but has now failed. He tells you that the Cyclops who protect the path have found a magic way of seeing all who trespass here and are blocking the way effectively by killing everything not native to the area. However he tells you that a magical counteracting device excists also and will block their magic sight if activated. With his last breath he tells you to find it.

You decide you will go find the device and stop the Cyclops magic. However you have also now been seen by them and a force has been sent to kill you. You will have to fight your way through the force sent after you on your way to find this device.

You have found the magic device that when activated will destroy the Cyclops magic sight. Will you activate it?

You find the Switch to activate the magical device and turn it on. A green glow eminates from it and blocks the magic sight of the Cyclops in the area. You now feel safer knowing that they cannot see your every move through the The Grothan Way. You gain 60,800 gold and 347,156 xp.