The Grip of Madness

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363 Burning Sands (South) (7,2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Temple of Sobek (7,6)
  3. Obtain 1 Fang of Sobek from Guardian of Sobek
  4. Go to Temple of Sobek (2,3)
  5. Obtain 1 Hide of Sobek
  6. Go to Temple of Sobek (12,5)
  7. Go to Temple of Sobek (7,9)
  8. Go to Inner Sanctum of Sobek (2,6)
  9. Kill 1 High Priest of Sobek (Champion)
  10. Go to Temple of Sobek (7,9)


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As you trudge your way ever onward you come across a man staring down at a stunning oasis. On the shore a beautiful temple sits.

He does not immediately turn to look at you, his gaze fixed on the scene before him. 'You are a stranger to these parts, or you would not have disturbed my duty.' He then turns and sees you for the first time. 'Ah, you are a Warrior, maybe we can be of service to each other.' He turns from you and points down to the temple below, 'There is the Temple of Sobek, he is one of the Old-Gods. He was revered for the bounty of the water and the strength of his avatars the mighty Guardians. No one can get near the Temple now for the anger of the Guardians, go see if you can succeed where so many have failed. Enter the temple and find out what is wrong with the Sobek.'

The Temple is old but still has an air of power. In the centre of a large chamber stands a Statue of Sobek.

Being in the Temple of Sobek it seems disrespectful not to give him his place, you salute the statue on the whim. You are rooted to the spot when the head of the statue turns and looks straight at you, and even more surprised when it speaks. 'Many thanks, my People have not come for so long, my Priest has not served me in time un-remembered. Give offering at the two alters and I shall gain enough strength to speak again.'

Before you is an crumbling alter, a large tooth is carved into the top. A voice whispers from nowhere, \'Do you have the offering of Fang?\'

You place the Fang from the vile Guardians of Sobek on top of the alter. The voice speaks again from the either, 'Offering acceptable, take this blessing.' You gingerly take the Guardian Fang Dagger from the alter, the second alter must be around here somewhere. You gain 1 x Guardian Fang Dagger.

You find the second alter, it looks like it\'s carved directly from the stone floor. The top of the alter has been artfully carved to look like the back of a huge Crocodile. As you approach it, a disembodied voice mutters from the dark recesses of the chamber speaks, \'Have you an acceptable offering?\'

You place the Hide from the vile Guardians of Sobek on the alter. The voice speaks again from the darkness, 'Offering acceptable, take this blessing.' You gingerly take the Guardian Hide Armour from the alter, maybe now the Statue of Sobek will speak again. You gain 1 x Guardian Hide Armour.

You return to the Statue of Sobek, if you have not given acceptable offerings at both alters, then Sobek will not speak to you.

The Statue stands resolute against time and the ever shifting sands, you approach the impressive figure, the Crocodile Head nods towards you. 'Well done Stranger, you show great strength of character as well as being a highly accomplished warrior. If only my Priest would be so worthy of praise. The order has been silent for so long, I do not know what has come over my Guardians of late. Find out what has befallen the Order of Sobek. I give you permission to enter the Inner Sanctum.'

The Inner Sanctum is nothing like the outer courts. There is evil here. The air is thick with death. As you explore the room, you stumble across an alter, but they are unlike the ones you have seen above, this has been spattered with blood and evil runes have been scored into the stone. The Mark of Sobek has been removed. From behind you hear a rasping breath.

As you turn around you see a the High Priest of Sobek, but he is a mockery of the statue you saw in the Temple above. With a hollow voice the Priest speaks. 'Ahh, Sobek has eventually awoken, and you are his avatar? The old Lord ignored me, and then so did my Sobek, but I got my revenge. With his own Priests and Guardians I toppled the Kingdom from within. No one shall take me for granted again.' The horror of the story begins to dawn, astonished you realise that the Priest is insane and destroyed his own kingdom over nothing. Sobek would not tolerate such weakness, you shall destroy this travesty and return to Sobek in the Temple.

The Statue of Sobek towers before you. The head turns as you approach, \' Have you discovered what has befallen my Order?\'

You re-tell the tale of the insane High Priest being ignored by the old Lord, then turning to evil to get revenge. He turned all the Priests and Guardians into undead beasts and the Kingdom was overthrown. Sobek listens and slowly nods his head, 'The Lord and the High Priest must stand before me to concentrate the land. If they fought each other, then my blessings would stop and the land would turn to desert, my people would die and my power would wane. You have done me a great service, I shall slip into the never and be forgotten. Take this as a measure of my gratitude.' You gain 670,173 xp and 1 x Helm of Sobek.