The Fey Portal

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650 Elrill Dungeon (Outer) (21,18) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Return to Start
  3. Go to Elrill Dungeon (Lair) (9,7)
  4. Return to Elrill Dungeon (Lair) (9,7)
  5. Go to Sarlonde Vault (2,2)
  6. Go to Sarlonde Vault (5,2)


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You encounter an elven mage. 'I was summoned to this realm to deal with Sarlondë and his Fey portal, however my powers appear to have no effect on the creatures here, and my melee skills are questionable. So I must rely on you to help me slay the creatures guarding the realm where Sarlondë is known to roam. Will you help me?'

'Excellent. Return here once you have managed to slay the Albs Guard.'

You arrive back at the elven mage. 'Did you manage to slay the creatures?'

'Excellent. Let us make our way to the Lair area.'

'I can sense the portal nearby, however it is magically sealed. We will only be able to gain access once Sarlonde has been slain. Unfortunately something is preventing me from using my magic.'

'Alright, we should both split up to hunt him. We should meet back here once we've managed to slay Sarlonde. Good luck!'

You arrive back at the Mage. 'I assume you managed to slay Sarlonde?'

'Excellent. The magic should now be lifted, allowing us access to his Vault. I believe that is where the portal is located. Quick, we must destroy it.'

You and the mage successfully gain access to the vault.

'The portal is over there. You must destroy it.'

You arrive at the portal, its surface shimmers with a magical blue light.

You unsheath your weapon and strike the portal, shattering its fragile foundation. The destruction of the portal's foundation disrupts the sphere of energy hovering above, which disappears moments later with an ear-splitting shrill. You turn to the mage. 'I have captured the Essence of Fey within this amulet, and now I offer it to you.' The Mage hands you the amulet. You gain 2,277,992 XP and 'Essence of Fey Amulet'.