The Dimcriee Horror

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810 Dimcriee Swamps (Ridge) (7, 10) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 1 Dimcriee Roc (Elite)
  3. Return to Start
  4. Kill 5 Dimcriee Roc Hatchling (Champion)
  5. Return to Start


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You encounter a Dwarf dressed in heavy plate armor, however he appears to be injured. He stumbles towards you. 'Have you come to assist our efforts in the beast's destruction? It has already destroyed several villages in this area. The beast must be slain! Have you come to help kill the Roc!?'

The Dwarven warrior lets out a sigh of relief. 'Right! I would help you, however my first encounter with the beast was not too favourable. I had to withdrawal to recover from my wounds. You must go alone and slay the beast. Do not underestimate it! Return to me once you have succeeded in stopping the creature. You'll find it in the Crypt area.'

You arrive back at the injured Dwarf. His condition appears to be improving, regardless of the large gash in the Dwarf's leg. 'Ah! I see you made it back alive. Did you manage to slay the Roc?'

'Thank the gods!' You help the Dwarf up and head towards the Murk. Seconds later the Dwarf is snatched from beside you and pulled back into a cluster of Roc Hatchlings. You rush in pursuit and cut down the Hatchlings one by one. The remaining Hatchlings flee back into the Crypt. You help the Dwarf up once again. 'You know what must be done. They can't be allowed to exist, not with the threat they present. There must be a lair of some sort in the Crypt. It is imperative that you locate the Hatchling lair and kill the remaining Rocs. I'll deal with the ones out here. Return to me once you have killed those in the crypt!'

You arrive back at the Dwarf, who currently appears to be engaged in combat with a single Roc Hatchling. He glances at you while he casually dispatches the creature. 'Did you manage to kill those other hatchlings?'

He releases a sigh before responding. 'Fantastic! Now we can be assured our homes will be once again safe. Here, take this as a token of my peoples appreciation for your help here.' You gain 3,538,568 XP and 'Gloves of Rocuia'.