The Damned Pit

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240 Emyr (North) (4,6) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Gain level 241
  3. Go to Emyr (South) (15,13)
  4. Kill 100 Xexk Shaman
  5. Return to Start


  • 230,860 XP
  • 20,000 gold_button.gif

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You come across an ancient ruin of what looks like an old temple. You investigate it and discover an old dying man hiding within. It turns out he is the last of a group of powerful sorcerers that accidentally doomed these lands. He is badly wounded and will never get to complete his final task. Will you help the sorcerer complete this task?

You accept to complete the task for the sorcerer. He tells you to find the dwelling place for the unholy Xexk Shaman creatures and poison it with a magic potion he has devised. You must find this place and destroy it. You gain 1 x Falagi Poison Potion.

You have found the lair of the Xexk Shaman. They appear to be resting in the pit. Will you throw the poison potion into the pit?

You hurl the potion into the pit and it breaks, releasing the poison and killing scores of Xexk Shaman. However the potion wasn't a complete success and many of the creatures manage to escape the poison. You must find and kill the 100 escaped Xexk Shaman before returning to the old sorcerer.

You have returned to the ruin. Have You killed all the surviving Xexk Shaman?

You tell the sorcerer that the potion was largely a success and that a huge amount of Xexk Shaman perished. He is happy that so much damage was done to them. The sorcerer tells you that it is his time to leave these lands and vanishes slowly before your eyes. Left in his place is an ornate box with a reward inside. You gain 20,000 gold and 230,860 xp.