The Dam

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285 Ephal Swamp (North) (2,5) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Ephal Swamp (North) (10,2)
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Ephal Swamp (North) (5,13)
  5. Return to Start


  • 315,667 XP
  • 50,700 gold_button.gif

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You come across a hut next to a river the owner of the hut comes out and greet you. He tells you that he is the warden of the dam that stops the area from sinking more under water than the swamp already is. However the dam is falling into dis-repair and the huts owner asks if you can help out?

He tells you that new sandbags will be needed to block the leaks in the dam. He tells you that there is a stock pile to the noth of the area where he keeps them. Find them then bring them back.

You Find the store of sandbags. Will you take them?

You take the sandbags and head back to the hut next to the river. You gain 1 x Dam Sand Bags.

You have made it back to the hut man with the sandbags. You give him the sand bags but the man is in a hurry. The dam begun to break while you were away and he needs more than just sandbags to fix the dam now. He asks you if you will help him one last time?

The man tells you that there is an old timber reserve somewhere in the area. He says that if you get him the timber he will reward you well.

You find the timber reserve and enter it. Inside you find some pre cut lengths of wood. Will you take it?

You take the wood and head back to help the man at the hut. You gain 1 x Dam Timber.

You have returned to the man at the hut. He asks if you have the timber he needs to fix the dam?

You give the man the dam timber and he gives you the reward you deserve. He then quickly runs away to fix the dam. You gain 50,700 gold and 315,667 xp.