The Blackrot Legend

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940 Skull Cove (Cave) (3, 2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 50 Skull Cove Crewmen
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Skull Cove (Cave) (12, 13)
    • Give 200,000 0.png
  5. Go to Skull Cove (Pit) (2, 3)
  6. Kill 50 Skull Cove Quartermasters
  7. Return to Skull Cove (Pit) (2, 3)
  8. Kill 1 Captain Blackrot (Elite)
  9. Return to Skull Cove (Pit) (2, 3)


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An old pirate stands idly nearby. 'Have you heard the legend of Blackrot? I hear he has hoarded bountiful amounts of treasure. You interested in hearing more?'

'For hundreds of years Blackrot has been harassing trade routes and plundering ports all along the coast. Rumour has it he has stashed a whole load of treasure in the Skull Cove (Pit). If you can slay enough of his minions, then you may just be able to gain access to the pit.'

You arrive back at the aged pirate. He hobbles over to you. 'Well, did ya kill those pirates?'

'Now that you've got rid of those cove crewmen, you should now be able to gain access to the pit without being hindered. There is one problem though. There is a fierce undead pirate guarding the entrance to the Pit. You may need to bribe him...' The aged pirate grins. 'Good luck in acquiring your treasure!'

You arrive at the entrance to the Skull Cove (Pit), however a large, brutish looking undead pirate blocks your way. 'You ain't going anywhere matey. Make one more step forward and I'll slice ye apart, unless of course you happen to have 200,000 gold?' The undead pirate chuckles.

You hand the undead pirate the bribe. 'Ahhh, I see you'd rather avoid a fight eh? Yarr foul fog bound bilge drinker!' The pirate steps aside. 'Hurry, before I be changing me mind!'

You notice an object an the ground, its surface gleams in the sunlight. It appears to be a golden medallion.

You reach down to pick up the gleaming medallion, however at the last second you detect movement out of the corner of your eye. A hunched figure looms over you and knocks you aside before you have a moment to react. You must fend off the Skull Cove Quartermasters!

The undead creatures continue to ferociously attack you.

You successfully fight off the Skull Cove Quartermasters. You reach down and retrieve the gleaming medallion. As you pick up the medallion, you are approached by the same pirate you met earlier. 'I see you got yerself into the pit! Nice work! All you need to do now is defeat the undead pirate Captain himself, and you will have removed all our problems! Return to me once you have defeated him, and I'll help you gather the treasure! Remember, only come back once you have killed him!'

You arrive back at the pirate you met earlier. He is in the process of dispatching one of the sickly undead creatures. He turns to you as the undead creature is felled. 'Hey, did you manage to slay Blackrot?

'Oh excellent! I've tried searching this area for Blackrot's treasure, but I was only able to find a small handful of his Loot! He must have hidden it elsewhere.' The pirate sighs. 'I did manage to find this rune though! Here, you should take it.' The pirate hands you a valuable looking rune. 'I found this in Blackrot's lair. That is your share of the treasure, I'll keep the rest since I kept those other creatures off your back!' And with that the pirate turns and wanders off.

You gain 4,766,366 XP and 'Rune of Horde'.